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Lawmakers in favor of Medicaid removed from Kansas House health committee

Brownback = Bully and/or sore loser.

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See photos of the mess left behind by former Mayor Jeremy Farmer

HEADLINE: Trash leaves trash

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A Thousand Voices: Survey shows support for new retail center; split opinions about its effects

"A new survey of approximately 1,000 " 1000 is a pretty small number relative to our population and limiting the poll to users of make it highly questionable.

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Former AG Phill Kline sues to restore law license

He spells his name with 2 lls. What more needs to be said.

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Paul Davis reflects on 2014 campaign, says GOP still out of step

Having a gubernatorial candidate who did not have a GOTV capability, huge last minute help from the GOP governors , and lots of Koch money hurt Davis.

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Just Food raises $60,000 to pay tax debt, continue operating

Just Food serves an important civic function. Is is sad that the illegal activities of the former director and the inattentiveness of the board has jeopardized their important work. I'm glad Lawrence stepped up to save this vital resource.

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Local employer seeking to add about 400 employees; longtime liquor store to close; update on Farmer fallout and City Hall

Jeff has been a good business owner and good neighbor. I am sorry to see him go.

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Fallout from Farmer allegations may create questions at City Hall; process to find City Commission replacement gets going tonight

Farmer is the perfect example of someone you would like to buy for what they are worth and sell for for what they think they're worth. It finally caught up with him.

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Letter: Needless gore

It may be Carl's first LTE that doesn't bring up abortion.

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