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Kansas Senate bill seeks municipalities' traffic ticket revenues; Lawrence calls effort 'unfair'

If this bill passes the police should quit writing tickets.

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Planning commission to choose between two locations for new Lawrence gun range

If you have any doubts, please consider these questions

In your discussions of the existing gun range at the Lawrence Community Building as well as the new proposed gun range, have you?

1. Considered the fact that lead is a dangerous neurotoxin (especially for children) and that without appropriate pollution controls and worker protection, indoor gun ranges often pollute the buildings in which they are located, customers and workers, and/or the neighborhoods around them?Â

Background information:

City-owned gun range operated for years with toxic lead levels, Sacramento auditor says, Sacramento News

(Gun Range) Workers Found Being Exposed to Lead at Levels Exceeding the Permissible Exposure Limit By Almost 2000%, Ecothink

Lead exposure at gun ranges ‘a serious problem’, Washington Times

Ashland armory closes to public because of lead contamination, The Oregonian

From a Seattle Times series:

Loaded with Lead. Lead poisoning is a major threat at America’s shooting ranges, perpetuated by owners who’ve repeatedly violated laws even after workers have fallen painfully ill.

Bellevue shooting range poisoned dozens. The worst known case of workplace lead exposure at a U.S. range happened during renovations at Wade’s Eastside Guns in 2012. But documented hazards there go back to 2008.

Young shooters at risk. At a shooting club in Vancouver, Wash., 20 youngsters tested positive for lead overexposure. ‘We would get lead on our hands and eat finger food,’ one teenager recalls.

Lead endangers officers. Police agencies across the country have put their officers in harm’s way by using lead-polluted shooting ranges and by not educating them about safe practices.

Toxic ranges win federal contracts. To train their officers, federal law-enforcement agencies have awarded contracts to contaminated commercial gun ranges, riling unions and sparking calls for reform.

Research in the news: Rise in lead exposure linked to firearms, Yale News

OSHA cites gun range for workplace lead, arsenic exposure, U.S. Department of Labor

In reversal, Kingston Planning Board sets public hearing on proposed Midtown shooting range, Daily Freeman News

2. Measured lead contamination in existing indoor shooting ranges in Lawrence, in the bodies of people who used, cleaned, and maintained the shooting ranges, and in the neighborhoods around them?

3. Required appropriate operational and pollution controls at existing and future indoor gun ranges to protect the safety of children, police officers and other range users, employees and contractors (including cleaning workers), and residents of nearby neighborhoods?

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Planning commission to choose between two locations for new Lawrence gun range

Email from Eric Kirkendal:
Please do not allow any new gun ranges to open unless you understand lead pollution risks and health effects, the levels of lead pollution in current indoor gun ranges, workers blood, adjacent neighborhoods, and how to prevent the pollution - and have put adequate controls in place to ensure the safety of the community, particularly children.

Please be sure you understand the pollution and health impacts, if any, or existing gun ranges, including the recently closed decades-old gun range in the Community Building.

I very much hope this has been done, and that this email message is unnecessary.Â

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Republicans block Kansas House debate on Medicaid expansion

This is like Coach Self's description of Greene's dunk. "A real dick move."

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Kansas economic adviser arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

Proof that job will drive you to drink.

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Commissioner again proposes letting people pay parking fines with canned food

Raise it $2 with $1 going to a food bank and the other $ going to pay for collections

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City won't approve cemetery as wedding venue

People are dying to get in there.

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Lawrence home sales have bounce-back year in 2015; local job growth highest of any metro in Kansas; unemployment ends year at 3 percent

Will this end the talk of Lawrence not being "business friendly"?

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Susan Tate to resign as Lawrence Arts Center CEO by end of 2016

Susan Tate has done a superb job as CEO. She has done several things to make the Art Center more friendly to a variety of activities and provided a friendly environment for the whole community. I hope the new director can do as well.

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Ethics complaint to question use of campaign donations by Brownback to pay legal fees

a friend, who teaches an ethics course, says that most people define it as "what can I get away with"

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