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Defying GOP, Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline bill

The Koch brothers own a huge % of Canadian tar sand lands and have said they plan to spend $1 billion on the 2016 campaign. The first bill the new Repug congress passed was the Keystone Pipeline. MERE COINCIDENCE??

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State Rep. Peck takes on critics in debate over university professor columns

Politicians with thin skins should find another line of work.

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Letter: Pavilion benefit

No one is saying it isn't a nice facility that will be used by a number of people, but there are lots of questions about the process and way it was rushed through that have far reaching ramifications. I'm not sure an audit commissioned by the same people who rammed it through will answer all the questions.

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Saturday Column: Congressional debates reflect lack of trust in Obama

Congress(both houses controlled by R's) don't want to take any position on confronting ISIS or fighting terrorism, they just want to criticize Obama for whatever he does.

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Kansas judiciary shows little racial diversity

A sad and disturbing story, but leads me to wonder how racially diverse is the editorial staff at the LJW?

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Letter: Not so simple

The problem is not the formula that's simple, it's our governor and legislators

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Letter: Editorial orders?

"Simons is a superb writer,..." I hope the LTE writer's tongue doesn't cramp up from being so firmly in his cheek.

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Sin tax increases could hurt wallets, but unlikely to curb vices, Lawrencians say

Larry, Kansasans had their chance in November, but let it get away. Now we suffer even more.

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Commissioners concerned that Wicked Broadband is trying to manipulate process ahead of key vote

I'm reminded of the story of the guy who murdered both of his parents and then asked the court for mercy because he was an orphan.

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President Obama drops in on Lawrence preschool before speech

It's great to see recognition for a very well run program.

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