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Bill introduced that would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity

Great idea, but it has 2 chances of passing-slim and none.

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It's tough being a Wichita State fan in Jayhawk Nation

ESPN Magazine asked Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall: "What living person do you most admire?' Marshall: "Charles Koch. He and his brother are the fourth richest men in America, and he's done it with great integrity and great commitment to the community. He's brilliant" BTW, they play in Koch arena. Sure makes it hard for me to root for them.

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Kief's Audio/Video plans to downsize as longtime owner retires; city's bus service tops 1 million riders for year

"The city's public transit service had annual ridership above the 1 million passenger mark for the first time in its history."
I hope this keeps the moronic emptT comments to a minimum.

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Letter: Keep it crazy

Those who thought The Riverfront Mall or Tanger were crazy, but not the "crazies" that Dolph referred to. They were the same ones who thought destroying downtown to build a mall was a good idea.

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Letter: Keep it crazy

As I posted earlier: "It was the "crazies" who started the petition drive and had a vote on our downtown that stopped a mall allowing for a downtown that is vibrant and the envy of other cities. It was the "crazies" who spent time and money fixing up old houses in declining neighborhoods and turning them into show places. It was "crazies" who raised money and had the vision to save the of depot in N. Lawrence so now we have a visitors center. Many of those same "crazies" have worked tirelessly to save the train station in E. Lawrence. One of the first smoking bans, a human rights ordinance, a preservation ordinance were all the work of "crazies". Having the art center in a downtown location and preserving the Carnegie Building was the work of "crazies". Long live the "crazies" who continue to make Lawrence a unique and wonderful place to live."

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Letter: Bitter view

A secular AMEN!

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Lawrence liquor store owners oppose push for groceries to sell more alcohol

I guess you have never been to a bar where bartenders have a legal obligation not to serve patrons the deem drunk, or people being barred if they have previously been involved in altercations.

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Lawrence liquor store owners oppose push for groceries to sell more alcohol

Locally owned liquor stores are one of the last vestiges of small ("mom and pop") businesses in Ks. I live right around the corner from a "neighborhood" liquor store. Jeff Jensen has contributed to neighborhood projects, knows and meets neighborhood needs and provides his personal expertise when asked. This won't be available if he is forced to change his business model or even worse cease to exist. Furthermore, he is aware of neighborhood concerns and knows when not to serve people who are known trouble makers. Let's not change a system that has social, as well economic , value.

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Letter: Bill reaction nonsense

I was going to point out the fallacies in the letter writer's logic, but Mr. Howlette in a previous post did a far better job than I could. Thanks.

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Saturday Column: How does tie to ‘crazies’ impact Lawrence’s image?

One only has to look at the businesses that began and are flourishing with any tax breaks of subsidies: Waxman Candles, Sunflower Surplus, Free State Brewery, The Merc etc. that growth is alive and well here.

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