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Soden, Boley, Herbert win seats on Lawrence City Commission; two incumbents voted out

Beware of Herbert. In an email I received he basically said that personal property rights allow someone to be the sole determinant of what happens to that property. There goes zoning and the public good.

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2015 City Commission election: Candidate profiles, questionnaires, chats and more

Herbert received the endorsement and money from the board of Realtor s. His comments about the sanctity of private property and the importance he places on letting people do whatever they want with their own property make me very leary .

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Rasmussen responds to concerns about out-of-town donations

That's how it works. People who donate large sums expect to have the ear of the candidate the support financially. He may not have heard from them, but he can expect communication if he is elected.

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Letter: Candidate funds

Crossland is a major contributor to the Rasmussen campaign. Coincidence??

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City Manager David Corliss finalist for job in Colorado

I am not privy to the commission's workings, but from the decisions that were made in seems obvious that Corliss didn't do a good job of providing guidance, Rock Chalk park is the prime example. He should have known better and stopped commissioners from their faulty path.

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City Manager David Corliss finalist for job in Colorado

Corliss falls back on following the will of the commission. The city manager, as a professional, should teach and guide the commissioners into making correct decisions. Dave is a nice guy, to that doesn't carry the day.

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Letter: Three lessons

Here, Here. LTE writer has hit the nail on the head, Vote out anyone who helped push through this poorly thought out project.

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Defying GOP, Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline bill

The Koch brothers own a huge % of Canadian tar sand lands and have said they plan to spend $1 billion on the 2016 campaign. The first bill the new Repug congress passed was the Keystone Pipeline. MERE COINCIDENCE??

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