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Brownback does not offer comprehensive plan to fix budget but says he will work with Legislature

The Gov. says things will be better in the future, unfortunately we live in the present.

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Activist remembered for decades of efforts to raise up the downtrodden

CJ will be missed by her friends and by 1000's of people who benefited from her involvement and activism. She was a remarkable person.

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Saturday Column: Regents, Relays and roads among comment topics

In his usually unreadable Saturday Column, Dolph says the following: " ,,, sign of what’s to come, the public should be accustomed to exaggerations, or lies, about her history and cover-ups from the national media.' Will this come from Hillary or the clown car of Republican candidates who attack her on a regular basis?

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Saturday Column: KU faces challenges in finding, hiring top faculty

Dolph, Perhaps KU is having problems is because the governor you endorsed and support is making Kansas, in general, and KU, in particular, an undesirable and unattractive place. Budgets cuts,to all schools, infrastructure delays and quality of life issues scare away faculty and potential replacements.

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Lawrence community continues to offer feedback on Ninth Street Corridor project

As I understand, this is a project that will affect the WHOLE community just as decisions about downtown or a bypass. I hope all citizens of Lawrence take part in the discussion, not just residents or property owners.

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Soden, Boley, Herbert win seats on Lawrence City Commission; two incumbents voted out

Is this the same Don Binns who challenged a fellow commissioner to step outside and fight?

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Soden, Boley, Herbert win seats on Lawrence City Commission; two incumbents voted out

Beware of Herbert. In an email I received he basically said that personal property rights allow someone to be the sole determinant of what happens to that property. There goes zoning and the public good.

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2015 City Commission election: Candidate profiles, questionnaires, chats and more

Herbert received the endorsement and money from the board of Realtor s. His comments about the sanctity of private property and the importance he places on letting people do whatever they want with their own property make me very leary .

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