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Saturday Column: Changes in Lawrence attitude aren’t for the better

Dolph should read his own paper.
Lawrence is unique and that attracts folks that enjoy that and want to maintain it. We are happy not to be Johnson County west. Growth needs to be balanced with the quality of life issues that are important to those who live here.

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Your turn: Police review should precede new facility

When looking for the properties of water, don't ask a fish. As DA he could look at the police force from a unique perspective.

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Your turn: Police review should precede new facility

As a former DA, Harper is more than qualified to address this subject. Commissioners seem to have an "edifice" complex wanting to leave a building they can look at and say "I did that" without asking the tough question that are brought up here. VOTE NO!

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Davis keeping relatively low profile in race for Kansas governor

" the tank for Davis" Could it be that those papers plus The WSJ, New York Times and others see that Brownback has been a disaster for Kansas?

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A food truck soon may be coming to a parking lot near you; Santa Fe depot project delayed

It's obvious that Bob Schumm no longer has restaurants downtown.

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Letter: Afraid of growth

Not afraid of growth, afraid of sprawl.

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Tofu maker seeking location in rural Douglas County; city now looking at 0.2 percent sales tax proposal; City Hall discussion of payday loan regulations

In general "payday" loan companies are predatory and nothing more that legal versions of Mafia loan sharks. Anything the city can do to protect people is important.

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Brownback seeks to rally Kansas GOP for fall race

Whistling past the graveyard.

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Thunderstorm leaves 500 without power in Douglas County; more strong winds forecast

The storm blew down a tree the city planted in front of my house about 35 years ago. Snapped it like a Popsicle stick.

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Lawrence approves tax increase for 2015 budget; sales tax question moves closer to ballot

The headline is in direct opposition to the first sentence. It was only 5 citizens of Lawrence who approved the tax increase, NOT "Lawrence".

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