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Commissioner again proposes letting people pay parking fines with canned food

Raise it $2 with $1 going to a food bank and the other $ going to pay for collections

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City won't approve cemetery as wedding venue

People are dying to get in there.

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Lawrence home sales have bounce-back year in 2015; local job growth highest of any metro in Kansas; unemployment ends year at 3 percent

Will this end the talk of Lawrence not being "business friendly"?

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Susan Tate to resign as Lawrence Arts Center CEO by end of 2016

Susan Tate has done a superb job as CEO. She has done several things to make the Art Center more friendly to a variety of activities and provided a friendly environment for the whole community. I hope the new director can do as well.

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Ethics complaint to question use of campaign donations by Brownback to pay legal fees

a friend, who teaches an ethics course, says that most people define it as "what can I get away with"

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Ethics complaint to question use of campaign donations by Brownback to pay legal fees

It may be the first time ethics and Brownback were used in the same sentence.

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HERE @ Kansas seeks permission to fill apartments without required number of parking spaces

1. How often has the city done ANYTHING retro-actively?
2. I thought our names were supposed to accompany any comments. Does this not apply to the person who replied to Brett?

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City delays final vote to deny shopping center at SLT and Iowa; issue of what city wants developed at intersection still unclear

As long as any development doesn't bring in retailers that provide something that will draw people from Topeka/KC or offer something new to the existing mix, we will not see an increase in sales tax revenue.

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Tom Markus, city manager of Iowa City, named Lawrence city manager

What a shock, a white male.

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Saturday Column: Project denial raises questions about city’s motives

City Commissioner Matthew Herbert, who cast the only dissenting vote, said the commission was tasked with creating a “level playing field” and honoring the city tax base.

He added, “Retailers know where to build retail because that’s what they do for a living.

Tell that to the developers of the Riverfront and Tanger Malls.

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