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Baldwin City police arrest two men on marijuana charges

I'll finally get a good night's sleep tonight.

Now one can only hope that the Baldwin Police Deptardment has enough sense to waterboard these guys for information before anyone else gets hurt.

Or the terrorists win.

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Jaeger found guilty on three of four charges

*drum roll*

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Minnesota man sent to prison for intent to sell cocaine

I never understood the appeal of cocaine...

..but I sure loved the way it smelled.

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New York Times and CNN both reporting Sebelius as Obama's top choice

snap_pop_no_crackle --

"Somebody send her a can of Brasso so she can polish the railings on the O'tanic while it steams toward the pack ice."

I voted for Obama, and I STILL couldn't help but laugh out loud when I read this. I don't agree with you, but it was witty nonetheless.

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Day of the Big Bang and What Really Happened

Very funny and entertaining Cleo :)

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Obama's inauguration

max1 ---How appropriate. At last.

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Judges must balance compassion and punishment in determining whether to 'furlough' an inmate

Anybody know if she's been found?I can't believe there hasn't been a follow-up since this article.

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Some blacks choose Obama inauguration over work

This has GOT to be the most baited headline I've ever read. Wow. Words fail me.And from the AP no less.....I thought they were "liberal".'Nuff said. Back to my fried chicken, watermelon and general laziness.

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Bush should feel history’s sting

ScottyMac ---That article was a great read. Thanks!

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