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Kobach takes voter photo ID fight to Alaska

How much money do you suppose he takes in under the table from the Koch brothers and ALEC?

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On Memorial Day, young veteran wants fellow citizens to think about cost of war

This war like all wars are brutal and senseless, foisted on young impressionable people by war profiteerers. These wars have nothing to do with "protecting our freedoms." That's just so much propaganda that idiots from each generation buys and incorporate into their values system. That's the point of the whole article, folks.

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Lawrence preschoolers witness Black Hawk helicopter landing

Thanks, Bozo. That's what I was thinking.

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Lawrence approves citywide curbside recycling program to begin in October 2014

Anyone out there know if there will still be recycling bins in town so those of us in the county can still bring in all our stuff to recycle?

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Sound Off: Stull Road Bridge

It's actually the bridge to nowhere.

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Do you think a digital divide exists in Lawrence?

Not just "yes," but God, yes. Lots of folks in the county are left with no options but Hughesnet. Better than dial-up, but NOT adequate.

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Sound Off: I recently have gone past Baldwin Junction and noticed they are building a strange little

Why has yesterday's Sound Off about an school administrator's kid bullying another kid been taken off the feed? Monday's is there. Today's is there. ??

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Schools must ramp up efforts to justify funding

Poor, poor Dolph. No matter how much he rants and raves, nobody will appoint him to te Board of Regents.

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Kobach predicts first statewide test of photo ID to vote will be a success

I think I will bring not only my driver's license but also my birth certificate, my marriage license detailing the name change from my birth certificate, my registration card (issued some 40 years ago), plus the postcard from Jamie Shew just in case Kobach figures out yet another way to make it harder for Democrats to vote.

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Is your Internet service fast enough?

Where we live in rural Douglas County we have no choice but It's slow and has caps, but it does beat dial-up. What ever happened to the idea of adequate broadband for the county? The Journal World sent out a survey asking about future participation several years ago?

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