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On the money: Home foreclosure

Look into Our family started following his principles one year ago. We now have substantial savings, have paid off $32K in debt and are working to pay off our mortgage faster. All in one year.

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At what age do you think it's appropriate for parents to let their children drink alcohol under their supervision?

I find the comments about following the letter of the law amusing. ie. I hate to sound like a prude, but the legal age is 21. Therefore I won't allow my daughter to drink around me until then. I don't want to send any mixed msgs about the law. i.e follow this law, but not that one:

I suppose none of you (that are so bent on following this law) cares whether you speed while driving your child in car, or about choosing not to use your turn signals. Both of these are laws and many people do not follow them so what is that saying to your children about other laws.

Come on people we have to stop allowing the "laws" to be the parents. It is a parents responsibility to raise our children as we see fit.

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Flogging Molly's mix is anything but 'traditional'

They played an awesome set at the Beaumont on Fat Tuesday. Sorry if you missed it. Maybe next time around.

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Healthy eating habits for children

We have a family of four. I am short in stature (5'0")and weigh 115 lbs. My 14 year old (5'3") and 105lbs. My husband is 5'10" and 260lbs. and my 11year old (5'0") and 140 lbs.
My children have different builds one like me and one like my husband. We all eat the same way; low fat, lots of vegetable and fruits. You can't tell me that genetics do not play a part in obesity from this angle.

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