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Retail drain: Lawrence shoppers taking their dollars to Wyandotte County

You're right...buying quality clothing in Lawrence is a joke. Yes, locally-owned stores are great in several ways....but the ones in Lawrence just don't offer clothing that I want to wear. I don't understand the resistance to "chain" stores like Banana Republic, etc. Yeah, they're not locally-owned....but if Lawrence had them, wouldn't they provide employment for Lawrence residents and keep more people in Lawrence to shop?

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Author to discuss women who 'do too much'

Actually, I know from personal experience that many doctor's wives are asked similar questions in their spouses' interview processes.

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Judge won't lower bond for suspect in attack

Spywell--"Just" punched her??? "Just" busted in??? "Just" kicked her in the crotch a few times????? You are so ridiculous that I don't even know where to start.

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KU investigates records breach

Just because the LJW can keep those documents doesn't mean that they should. In an effort of decency, they should return them and all copies to KU. They claim that they are "locked up" but who has access to the key to that lock? Keeping them only improves chances that more people have access to this sensitive information, so isn't LJW just increasing/participating in perpetuating the problem?? Just one more reason LJW is incredibly disapponting.

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As fall semester nears, KU, GTAs still at odds

Sigmund, the problem with your comments is that they are utterly disrespectful and insulting to GTAs. You clearly have some serious anger issues that you are choosing to take out on people who you do not know. Your comments are also largely made on misconceptions and ignorance, rendering them invalid.

Also, your comparison of GTAs and basketball players is ungrounded and illogical on several levels.

Take your anger elsewhere. Your failure to even respect the work that these people do is disgusting.

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As fall semester nears, KU, GTAs still at odds

Wow. I refuse to respond to Sigmund's ravings as they are just too bizarre to warrent serious response...putting the importance of basketball before education at a university is simply ignorant. Also, I fail to understand why someone would get so incensed over something they know very little about and, thus, probably have NOTHING to do with.

Many GTAs are currently making just above $10k (and by that, I mean truly "just above"...$10,100 to be exact...before taxes) for two full semesters of employment. That includes doing all of the work that goes into running 4 classes total and holding 3 mandatory office hours per week. As others have mentioned here, many GTAs do much more work than "assisting"...many plan the entire courses for which they are responsible, create all assignments, teach all class meetings alone and grade all classwork. In addition, the 3 office hours a week is MINIMUM...many GTAs end up spending well over 3 hours a week outside of regular class time providing intensive one-on-one instruction to individual students.

Yes, those employed as GTAs have a choice of taking the job or not. But that does not mean that those employed as GTAs should not expect more RESPECT for their work and/or increased monetary compensation. As bennyoates mentioned above, the university needs GTAs to teach the classes that faculty do not wish to teach and to keep tuition costs down for undergrads.

GTAs clearly deserve respect...at minimum.

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Commercial curb appeal

Thanks for the clarification! I hadn't realized that. I apologize for my misinformed comment made earlier...

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Commercial curb appeal

What about the McDonald's on 6th Street? Their flowers are always GORGEOUS year after year...making a location that could otherwise be an eyesore into a beautiful place to look at. I truly think they deserve an award. By going to such lengths to make their establishment look nice, they are truly doing a service to our community. What an oversight on the part of those distributing awards this year...

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Regent supports study abroad requirement

Sure, studying abroad is a great experience for many people.

But I think Galle is overlooking the very important fact that many non-traditional students simply do not have the time to do so. Some lifestyles do not support the option of traveling for an extended period of time.

As mentioned above by "average", many students with children simply do not have the time to leave the country. Also, many students have to work part-time and full-time jobs while attending classes which could also deter them from being able to take off for an extended period.

Also, what about the students with family circumstances, such as a sick parent or sibiling, who simply would not want to leave the country for an extended period because they want to remain close to their family members??

Yes, there is a limited amount of financial aid available for study abroad. But much of that financial aid comes in the form of loans...I really do not feel that students should be forced to burden themselves with extra loan debt because of some idealists' opinion that everyone should be forced to travel in order to earn a college degree. Also, the financial aid programs in place rarely...if ever...cover the entire or even the majority of the cost of a study abroad trip.

This sounds like an idealistic goal...one that sounds good on the surface but quickly turns sour when considered more thoughtfully. This proposal just does not take into account countless factors.

When looked at realistically, making study abroad a requirement for a degree is simply ridiculous. It sounds like doing so would just put up additional hurdles for individuals who want to earn a college degree.

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Library plans unveiled

These monstrosities are simply ridiculous. Lawrence is not Kansas City. Why do some individuals so greatly want us to become Kansas City??? Downtown Lawrence will never, and should never, rival The Country Club Plaza. Several people live here, myself included, precisely because it is not a huge city like Kansas City. I truly do not believe that a larger library is the answer. Quite frankly, were a behemouth like any of these proposed here were built, it would make me want to spend LESS time downtown.

Maybe more people would use the library if there were more conveniently located branches. Also, more user needs might be met with this option. Instead of mashing all of the holdings into one monstrous eyesore located in a non-central part of the city, perhaps city officials and developers should look into building branches throughout town. That way, accessing the library would be more convenient for everyone.

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