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Peekaboo! Jack-o'-lantern dishes bring Halloween to the tabletop, tastefully

I love Winfield's. That said, I think calling plastic pumpkins "tacky" might turn off or offend many of your readers. Such negativity is absolutely unnecessary in a piece like this.

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Mrs. Mass.: Yokohama a nice catch

I like Yokohama, too. Wa is also very good. Both have a Tuna Tower (tuna, rice, spicy crab) that is excellent.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

After the damage has been done? I call that redundant. And you're still ignoring the points raised here that what you suggest is not feasible for all. I, for one, do not know my neighbors well enough to ever entrust the care and transportation of my children to any of them.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

What you are suggesting.....building support networks.....takes a lot of time. I doubt any of this advice can help this person now. Also, retired neighbors aren't always willing or able to drive someone else's child to school. Again, the things you are suggesting are not feasible solutions for some people.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

I am completely dismayed by the number of people who are attacking the parent in this situation. She seems to have done everything by the handbook. I agree that being 1 hour late should not constitute a complete day's absence. Any logical, reasonable person would agree.

My concern is that the 6-year-old child is being charged and forced to go to court herself. That is just sick. How traumatic for such a young child! And for such a petty situation. The principal should be completely ashamed of herself for subjecting such a young child to such a horrible situation. I'm completely appalled.

Also, for all of you insisting that this parent should have a back-up for school transportation.......it's not always that easy. You don't know her situation. Perhaps she has no family here, no friends whose schedules allow for them to help in this way, and no reliable or trustworthy neighbors. She may not even know her neighbors; it's not uncommon to not know neighbors, especially to not know them well enough to entrust your very young child to their care! It's often not that simple to get help. She seems to have been acting in a responsible manner...choosing not to drive because it was not safe for her to do so. The rigidity of some people's thinking is just absurd.

The school should have communicated better with this parent. Their actions are absolutely inexcusable. I lived in Lawrence for 18 years and moved to a nearby area a year ago. I have been wishing we would have stayed in Lawrence, but after reading this, I am so glad we moved so my kids will not have to deal with the Lawrence school district.

I second the previous poster's request for the LJWorld to do an investigative piece on why the schools are acting in this manner, particularly this principal. If it's true that this sort of ridiculousness is occurring so unfairly, things need to be brought to light so they can be made to change.

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Post-Toddler Stress Disorder

Why would singing to a child at naptime make one feel like a complete moron? That is just such a strange statement.

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Development of business plan an empowering move for young woman

This is so great! Have you considered setting up a store on Etsy.com? It's a place where people sell their handmade items online. You can sell so much on that site. Many people have been very successful with it.

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Father blames alcohol for KU student's death

ictgal: KU does offer counseling, but nobody, KU-affiliated or not, has the power to force anyone into counseling. The individual has to choose to go to counseling. The resources are there, but nobody can be forced to use them. Besides, we know nothing about whether he did get counseling or not. Maybe he did.

compmd: It's also not the father's fault. Again, no one can control another person. We know nothing about how Wren was parented. And even if he had been parented to whatever standards you deem appropriate, he is still an individual with free will who will make his own choices. No amount of what you deem "correct" parenting would definitively cause him to not drink. Again, nobody can make anybody do anything else. And advice does not always mean that the individual will act on it.

I just don't understand the urge some people feel to write the sort of comments that appear here, especially comments that assume so much that the writer simply does not know. It says more about the comment-makers than the individuals involved in the situation or the situation itself. I wish people would get over themselves and THINK before they comment.

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Teachers, parents differ on homework

I agree with jrlii. Homework is for the kids to do, to help them practice what they learn in the classroom. It's not the parents' job to help. Kids need to learn to be independent thinkers. Also, there is no guarantee that the parents' "help" will actually be helpful....

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KU librarian reaches out to gay Kansans for untold stories

Tami, this is an awesome project!! Way to go!!

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