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Drug testing for welfare benefits one of many bills worked on as Legislature nears deadline

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Kansas House OKs changes to concealed carry law

Sounds like big government to me.

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Town Talk: Headmasters moves out of downtown; community orchard, other gardens planned on city land; Del Monte expanding dog food plant

That's not true, produce from West Middle School is in their cafeteria.


"Last year, the Growing Food, Growing Health garden crew harvested 2,360 pounds of produce and 560 pounds of it went into the school’s cafeteria. The students also sold $3,823 worth of produce which went back into the project."

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Kobach says questions about Obama's citizenship fair without details

C'mon all you red-state, god-fearin, immigrant-hating, history-revisin, slack-jawed good ol' boys! Let's pull down our pants and spew venom about the President because we love America! I got MMA on the TV, a puddin pop in my pants, the kids are out back drinking antibiotics out of a hose, and I think the President was born in Switzerland yeeeee-hawwwww!

If this was the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression, then why is everybody still so fat?
Illegal immigration is a function of an economy operating at a high level. Nobody in the US sneaks into Mexico to work, but we would if we could make more money to provide for our families and our God. It's good capitalism.
Ronald Regan granted amnesty to 2.7 million illegal immigrants in 1986, get a new hero.

-Sean Hannity?

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