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Six-story hotel complex planned for downtown Lawrence

You do realize this is Marriott's lowest tier hotel, right? Most of the TownPlace properties I see across the country are typically in non touristy areas (airports, industrial parks) and wind up looking run down after just a few years since they mostly use low grade materials for construction - the building and interior furnishings. Lawrence, you're selling yourself short since a Courtyard or Residence Inn would fit the downtown vibe much better. A TownPlace Suites is not a good fit here.

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Godly nation

You sure do kill me with your hypocritical love and respect we should have for the Muslim religion but the hate for Christianity. You're trying too hard to be a looney leftie.

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Ground Zero wrong place for mosque

gram - people like you scare the tar out of me.

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Papa Bob’s BBQ prevails on ‘Man v. Food’

Also, didn't they say nobody has ever "won" this challenge either? what's the point of showcasing this eating contest if nobody has ever even been able to do it! Usually on this show there's a wall with pics of folks who've met the challenge. Plus, it didn't look very good at all and the hamburgers that were on there looked completely gross. Even Adam commented on how dry it was.

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City OKs raises for police, fire personnel

I'm sure that's exactly how they spun it to the city commission. Many folks I know, including myself, have received little to no salary increase over the last two years in this economy. Unions will only intimidate or threaten if they don't get their way though.

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City OKs raises for police, fire personnel

Got to love unions and liberal leadership who cave every time.

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Health care reform bill clears key Senate test


I think what's most entertaining is that if it were the (R)'s who were behind this you would be up in arms about the corruption of the process. The fact that you can't see, or admit, one aspect of that tells your tale.

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Health care reform bill clears key Senate test

grammaddy (Anonymous) says…
"I'm glad they finally got something passed. The fact that it was strictly partisan speaks volumes about the Regurgicans. We will be amending this for years to come".

So you're ok with the way your beloved partisan dems came about this latest revision of the bill? Wow.

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Health care reform bill clears key Senate test

They'll do anything to push this through. First they change the rules to obtain Sen Kennedy's seat (after he already changed them in the first place) then they fill this bill with so much bullshoot that makes it a joke. For a president that said he would get rid of earmarks this is yet another reminder that he fed us all lies to gain the presidency. We will all be paying for this in one way or another for at least through my children’s lifetime. All of you who say those who are against this need a serious wake up call. It's not about us "not caring for the unfortunate", it's about yet another ruined government program.

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Mizzou alums seek KU students of similar stripe

notjustastudent (Anonymous) says…
Ok Flicker- so since they do it it makes it OK for us to do it? You're basically pointing your finger and saying “they started it” in a whiney high pitched voice. Like a child would. This is what is meant by “grow up.”


Can you say - "Out of touch with reality"? Especially since this involves MU.

I bet your that fan in the stands who's still sitting when we score a touchdown aren't you?

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