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New home sought for stray cat who was trapped and shot twice

Leash? You obviously have not owned a cat. I remember when nobody complained about cats outside, when people were less crazy than they are now, and more tolerant of each other and the ways of others. Lawrence was mostly a live and let live community, but it keeps changing to Overland Park West increasingly each year.

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Conservative Kansas Republicans want more cuts to schools, social services, prisons

Tax reform in the 60's was to drop the maximum tax rate to 70%. Regan and Bush I got it down to 28%. 70% is reasonable, but most people have been brain washed over the years to think the economy would collapse if we behaved like every other civilized country in the world. The crazy thing is, all these people who are paying 25%, in that bracket, who are the strongest supporters. I can't understand them. But that is reasonable. There generally are a small finite way to think reasonably, but a myriad number of ways to be totally out of your mind.

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Public officials warn against snorting bath salts to get high

Personally I would like to see the illegal mind altering substance criminal culture put to bed, just let them have whatever they want in abundance. We have nearly 7 billion of the species on a planet that can perhaps sustain at best 1/3 of that in the long run in any healthy fashion. Those who want to voluntarily check out early, using salt, drugs, whatever, give them a big thank you. So legalize all the other garbage, and they won't have to use the salts, they will get the real stuff, and can kill themselves that way. And maybe half of our violent crime goes away as a result. Seems like a win-win to me.

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Deer crashes through window at Weaver's

Why is this so funny? Animal injured, ha ha. I don't see it. Maybe if I took more drugs, or bashed my head into a wall a few times, the humor would be more apparent. What stands out to me, is that the city should do a brain scan before hiring police, to make sure they have brains larger than a pea. Had the the deer cornered? Right. The best chance a wild animal (and often a dog) has in such a situation is to leave them alone, to find their own way. You just spook them into hurting themselves if you force the issue. Or call a professional to handle the situation.

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If the Big 12 breaks up, should KU and K-State stick together or is it 'every school for itself'?

I agree. and would take it a step further, combine all the schools in one, and use that name for the merger, that is Federation of Universities & Communities in Kansas University.

Keep the KU school song though, just change the last line to accommodate the new name.

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