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HIV-exposure trial questions man's intent

Have we not forgotten that these women also need to take responsibility for their actions. They had unprotected sex, then want to complain that they may have gotten something. They need to grow up. It is 2006, you can't do that anymore. Yes, even here in Lawrence, Kansas. Those women are just as much at fault as the defendant is.

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Judge: Molestation confession can be used in court

You think she is despicable?? Why becase she actually defends her clients??
She would be the one I'd go to if something ever happened. I would want a defense attorney that stands up for my rights. Believe it or not eskimopieinks, innocent people are arrested every day in this country. And, without people like Ms. Swain to represent them they'd be sold down the river by our "justice system".

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Yellow House to close doors

With YH being a resale shop and not a pawn shop, they did not have to have everyone fill out the paperwork that they did. However they chose to do so. The LPD should be ashamed of what they did to this family. The LPD is a bunch of worthless, corrupt, human beings. I have lost all respect for the entire department after seeing the way that YH was treated.

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Yellow House to close doors

jafs: It just so happens that guy and carrie had paperwork on every transaction made in their shop. When an item was brought in to be sold, the individual had to sign a document saying that the item belonged to them and that it was not stolen. They also had to show id and give there personall information. These forms were then turned over to the LPD every monthy at the end of the month. What more could they have done?????

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Benefits recipient must pay back money

"will work for food" gets a big nothing. So the person is willing to work and your not willing to help, BRAVO, job well done.

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Benefits recipient must pay back money

who was in office 13 years ago. Daddy bush. Conservativeman, you're the type of person that doesn't believe in helping anyone, no matter what their situation is. I'm sure when you see a homeless person on the streets, you roll down the window and yell "get a job" instead of talking to them and finding out what the real reason is that they are on the streets. I hope nothing ever happens in your life where you have to rely on the generosity of others.

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Benefits recipient must pay back money

Give me a break nlf78. How do you know that she didn't want to work. Maybe she had a disablility or a mental illness that didn't allow her to work. If people like you would stop cutting social programs that need to be in place to help people like this, we wouldn't have this problem. The best thing that could happen to htis country is to get George Bush out of office. Then finally we can clean up this mess that he created.

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Police review board possible

I think swain would be an excellent choice. It takes someone with strong convictions to stand up against the lpd, and I believe swain has proven several times over that she has what it takes.

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Police review board possible

Wow, still not response by sandman. Maybe he finally realized what a jackass he is.

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Police review board possible


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