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Simple truth

Lord help is if Obama wins, Katie barr the door, grab a life jacket cause we will go down.

He has done nothing to help the economy, he and his party had everything for two years and they did nothing for the economy, yes they gave us the affordable care act and it has some good parts for individuals but for the country it will be anything but affordable. If obama wins i will buy gold and move to a cave......

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Has Romney given up on Hispanics?

obama doesn't care about white folks, black folks, hispanics, or women, all he cares about is getting reelected. We can do better.

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Pool complaint

oh and by the way as an adult this year i used the city indoor and outdoor pools regularly as i was training for some triathlons, let me say i think the city pools are outstanding. Period.

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Pool complaint

looking for a baby sister now that you work out of town? if you drop the kids off at the pool at say 11 oclock i suppose you would want the city to provide them LUNCH. I have lived in several different communities and have yet to see an outdoor pool open before one.

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City officials tell Orscheln Farm and Home it can't sell chickens or ducks from its Lawrence store

So it is okay to have a pig in the city but a farm store can't sell chickens----each chick has to have 10 square feet but the dogs and cats for sale in town get about 4-----not to mention-- it is a chicks natural instinct to group together with others, putting a chick in solitary is unnatural. Come on city hall get a grip, at least you could admit that you made a mistake and you are trying to correct it.

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Don’t scoff at Larry Fedora

Stevieboy you are exactly right----chances are when this is all done they will have a no name coach non proven in D1 and with a high salary. TerminatingTG after two years has set a bad example. It takes more than two years to turn a football program around. there are some exceptions but the Big 12 is very competitive and to move up in this league is no easy challenge. Taking the KU job is VERY risky, you have less than two years or Zenger has proven he will terminate you.

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Other ADs also looking at Mike Leach

Well scratch another one off the list. Leach went to Washington. I doubt any big name will take the KU Challenge knowing that they have less than two years to get to a bowl game and a winning record.

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Another sorry trip to Austin

Mangino was such a great coach! He accumulated a 50-48 record in his career at KU. You folks act like Gill should be challenging for a BCS bowl game in his second year. Give me a break! KU was picked to win one game this year and they have already doubled that. The Big 12 is a rough place to play football, Oklahoma State is awesome, OU damn good, K state in the top ten (was) Texas tech not too shabby, GT has been ranked as well. This has been a tough road for the Jayhawks. The real test will come against Missouri and Iowa State, these are game that KU could win. There have been plenty of good coaches that are calm and cool on the sidelines, Osborne and Jo Pa just to name two great ones. Pelini caught holly heck for yelling at a player last year on the sidelines. I don't think anyone is capable of turning this program around in 2-3 years......give TG a chance and quit your whinning.

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Lawrence City Commission approves funding for SRS office

people (especially liberals) forget, if a business does not make a PROFIT they won't stay in business.

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City, County would pay to keep open state SRS office under proposal announced Monday

not one penny of aid to the needed has been reduced.

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