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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Questions arise over claims of veteran featured in column

Considering Kenny Baldwin's stature, my guess is he was already used to being looked down on.

Thanks for the report, and gentlemen for your service. I hope your offer is honored. I don't enjoy seeing (and am assuming) obituaries like today's. Veterans deserve better.

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Lawrence city manager recommends 1.85 mill increase in property taxes; more may come with police headquarters proposal

I feel the article should have read "Nine people will be added to the pension fund".

The private sector is eliminating pensions, but employees don't often get to vote for such perquesites for themselves.

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Town Talk: Are taxes too high here?

8.7%. For the privilege of making a purchase

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City engineers want roundabout at 19th and Naismith, plus two other major intersections

Lets put roundabouts at all intersections!

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KU broadcaster David Lawrence to open West Lawrence sports restaurant and bar; update on Limestone pizza restaurant downtown

Don't forget the now politically incorrect Sambo's. Pancakes & coffee after a night of 3.2 beer

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: The Days of Drag Strip Road

I cringed a little bit every time I read 1/4 mile. A small detail lost between the author and the interviewee, but it affected the pace of an otherwise nice piece of nostalgia.
I once called an editor over the reporting of a story that the writer obviously had no knowledge of the subject. In the style of voice Mr. Lawhon uses, which I enjoy, he kinda blew it this time

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Opinion: Case more notable as tragedy than crime

Whatever. The whole thing was stupid. Two powers of stupid intersecting at the same point in time and space. Two powers of stupid who know exactly what happened.

If we treated one another in the fashion we are supposed to, in the fashion there is so much lip service to, two powers of stupid would have gone their own way.
Now a jury of peers disagrees with a prosecutor, and powers of stupid are back out on the street, urged on by a media powered by, well, you know

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Letter: Not a ‘war’

Mr. Miller must have had a bad bowl of cereal with his newspaper that day.

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

There are a couple of previous coaches that would have pulled the starting five early in the first half. There is ready to play talent on that overfull bench, and there are some just happy to be there. One of my few criticisms of Coach: his rotation is too small . He owes no minutes to non-productive players, and there are guys sitting that want and need game exrerience. Why have those numbers if they can't contribute? Beyond the obvious of course.
Starting Ellis was not the roster change anyone expected. Someone needs to lace his meals with some gunpowder.

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