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Kansas lawmakers pass bills on police body cams, stalking by drones, SLAPP suits

Who provides the funds allowing police to have dashboard and body cameras? Now the state legislature unanimously passes a law restricting those that foot the bill from access, barring a Judge's order?
It just keeps getting better, dudennit?

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Journal-World parent company considering demolition of large downtown Lawrence building

I wish the LJW would begin production here again. I get my paper well after seven in the morning most days. Not good.

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Royals fans tear down goal post at KU's Memorial Stadium

Why the self-hatred Dorothy? A few misguided adults (maybe) acting like children and you want a pox on the basketball team? Have confidence in KUPD.

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New poll shows most Kansans are more moderate than GOP, but can Democrats win the trust issue?

Irresponsible headline this morning Mr. Hancock. Each party has it's factions. Imagine the uproar if a headline stated most Democrats are right of Lawrence. This registered Democrat is.

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As audit begins, questions about Rock Chalk Park accounting grow

Pure speculation. On a proposal labor rates are specified for the work being performed. It's not unusual for a crew foreman to be specified a higher rate.

My issue is the amount of billable hours attributed to the described task, and appearance of double dipping by the office worker/stalker.

That's how we end up paying $700 for toilet seats. Or whatever

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As audit begins, questions about Rock Chalk Park accounting grow

The dollar amounts listed for laborers staking construction sites is probably a competitive cost within the industry. Chad's article seems to imply the laborer is paid that amount.

The billable hours are another thing. It's especially hard to keep up with office work if you're out staking. 65 hours is a long work week, trust me. Months of 70-80 hour weeks would tear anyone down. I hope they are OK.

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Kansas Water Authority accepts report on proposed aqueduct

The citizens of western Kansas must find solutions. You don't grow corn in the desert. Once the aquifers are depleted, you are going to cry out "What are you going to do to save us?" Figure it out now.

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Kansas Water Authority accepts report on proposed aqueduct

For once I literally have to agree with the governor from Missouri

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What’s the lowest price of gas you can remember?

17.9, Mission, KS during a gas war around 1967. I raised the price on the sign at the Vickers up the street 0.02 to 44.9 mini-service regular November '75. The wind blew one of those big red numbers into my face, knocked off my glasses. I tipped them toward the grass with my boot because I was above concrete and glass lenses were expensive. They survived.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Questions arise over claims of veteran featured in column

Considering Kenny Baldwin's stature, my guess is he was already used to being looked down on.

Thanks for the report, and gentlemen for your service. I hope your offer is honored. I don't enjoy seeing (and am assuming) obituaries like today's. Veterans deserve better.

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