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Photo of Kobach and Trump still spawning litigation

No discussion? Maybe we should go back to anon.

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An Angel's journey from superstar player to camp instructor

We were so lucky to be able to witness the tandem of Angel Goodrich and Carolyn Davis, who herself made it look so easy. Injuries. Imagine, if you will what they might have done without the interruptions.

The XII minus II is arguably the toughest league for women's basketball. A middling team in that league advancing past opening weekend at the NCAA Tournament in consecutive years is testament.

Bonnie, God bless her, was just too nice. Even with the feiry Katie O'Connor playing good cop/bad cop, they couldn't get enough positive emotion or reaction from the individuals.

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Brownback vetoes bill that would reverse tax cuts he championed

Steve, go back to Texas and let us deal with our own. You just have had to have lived it.

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Brownback vetoes bill that would reverse tax cuts he championed

Can we veto this guy? In all seriousness, Tom Holland, can this veto be overridden? I know all that is needed is one stalwart Republican.

Find it.

Start this guy's slow, painful spiral out of politics forever.

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WOW internet service being restored after 4-plus-hour outage

It's okay. I'll just prorate my bill.

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Associated new development could support Clinton Lake outdoor center financing, Douglas County Commission told

I have this great idea, and you're going to pay for it.

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KU football upsets Texas in overtime, wins first Big 12 game

I would say turnovers led to 13 points.

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Tom Keegan: Changes working for LHS football

I will say up front that I was most vocal (or in this forum is it literal?) in my displeasure of Coach Wedd's style during discussion of an opinion piece titled 'I Think it's Time To Get Off Coach Wedd's Back'. Since that time and to Coach Wedd's credit there has been notable change to his program.
One example was bringing a former Sunflower League quarterback prospect in as an assistant to mentor his field leader for an offensive scheme far from what would have been used to be called Lawrence High Football.
A point I tried to make at the time was how players shouldn't go both ways the whole game and if the same eleven were going to it decreases participation.
Both Coach Wedd and his wife Gwen have a love for this school and town that is rarely competed with, and I fully expect their visages to be beaming down at visitors to the Lawrence High rotunda some day.
I hope my personal growth has come close to matching Coach Wedd's over the same period of time, and I thank you Tom for pointing his out.

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Letter to the editor: Clinton not to blame

I'm sure Mr. Warwick knows about these matters to a greater degree than I do. I don't even remember if there was an American embassy in Lybia during Qaddafi's reign. Common sense though would surely dictate a higher degree of involvement for the Department of State in an unsure political climate after a regime change.

Blaming Fox News for for shaping the opinions of anyone that doesn't agree with their progressive views has become a tired argument. As far as getting information from one source, wouldn't the Secretary of State have the means to verify the assertion that an angry mob left a movie theater with the intent of defending their religion's honor by taking out the embassy?

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Opinion: Immigrant embodies American values

Mr. Pitts is attempts using emotion to persuade readers' agreement to his predetermined conclusion of what party held the "best" convention.
The glaring indifference to election, then immigration law and the blind eye turned toward it exemplifies his party's attitude.
In retirement, my father worked for the Census Bureau as an interviewer. The company line was they were gathering information so resources and services could be more evenly distributed. The information, he said, was held anonymously and protected by law. My response to him was that if he knocked at my door I would kindly escort him off my property. The reason being the info is protected by law until the law was changed.

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