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Statehouse Live: Kansas Arts Commissioner resigns; meeting in Lawrence canceled

I guess it's surviving your bad grammar. The question is can it survive you, your grammar, people just like you, AND no art?

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Kansas House committee considers 401(k)-style pensions for teachers, government workers

Pretty amazing. A lifetime of teachers taking care of your bratty, ill-mannered children only earns your scorn at the end of the day. Low salaries, miserable working conditions, ignorant clients with even more ignorant and even more ill-mannered parents--and then? You want to take away any vestige of a good life waited for over all those years. It's not the children's fault--they are behaving like their parents: stupidly and angrily and ignorantly. No one has respect for anything any longer.

This country is going down the toilet in a temper tantrum of rightwing madness. It will deserve its inevitable future. The rich get richer, and the poor get Koched. I simply wish all the nutcases would go back to Oklahoma and Florida. I'm sure even God is wretching. I was taught God loves everyone--I really doubt it.

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Brownback signs disaster declaration because of winter storm, offers assistance to 53 counties

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? A legitimate government function? Gasp, choke, snort, faint. Oh no, I forgot: there's no such thing as legitimate government--or is there? Apparently snow government/management is important to Big Sam, at least for the fatherly goodwill photo op window of opportunity. What's the matter, Samuel? Gone all soft and communist on us by proposing a legitimate government function? Jeez, really? Government is good for something? Oh, yeah--essential services like snow (not like schools). Well, at least snow gets your attention (actually, you get my cold shoulder to make a winter comparison). Unfortunate that under-parented and under-funded children don't rate the same respect as snow. Disgusting.

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KU's less popular degree programs could be target of state review

You should have taken another grammar class. "If I had not 'went' with humanities" should read "if I had not 'gone' with humanities."

I support your case strongly, but you should not use bad grammar to secure a point others will attack from a less friendly perspective.

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GOP may push for repeal of state smoking ban

If this is repealed, I'm leaving the planet--happily. Wait, no cheering. What a bunch of dorks: repeal a law that prevents all of us from choking on foul, filthy air? What kind of idiot would even articulate such a stupid idea and believe he/she would get a standing ovation? Well, I guess we know: GOP. How many things can we invent to describe what GOP stands for? None of them good, of course. Jeez. Stupid, stupid, stupid, GOP. Enough said.

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Statehouse Live: Governor-elect Sam Brownback picks veteran team, Americans for Prosperity consultant

Flat out wrong. Every fund in school districts' budgets has a legislatively specified purpose. What you mean is that every dollar is not encumbered. There is a huge difference. An encumbered dollar is a dollar already spent. To claim that every dollar a school district has must already be designated as spent is stupid beyond belief. You may be living hand to mouth at home like you're proposing school districts should do, but that's stupid on your part at home and even more stupid to propose that school districts cannot possess an unencumbered dollar. Jeez.

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Brownback, Roberts join legal challenge of federal health care overhaul

It's all idle amusement--sparring in this meaningless venue that changes nothing but which adds due silliness to the inane chatter of the nation--such venues' only true service is to tease out the ignorance and bigotry and selfish evil that lurks deep in this society. And perhaps that's enough.

But in summary, let's see if I now get it any better (having been chastised by notajayhawk for my torpidity). So here's how it goes, according to this collection of right-wing haranguers who've weighed in throughout the above thread: life will finally be good again if we abolish Medicare, Medicaid, mandated health insurance, Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, etc.: virtually all (perhaps literally all) government involvement in social collectivity and--yes--even social justice, which, when the definition is "government forcing some social correction", would include all anti-discrimination laws such as equal protection and even anti-slavery laws. All on the basis that it constrains free markets and reduces competition and drives up costs (don't forget the silently mouthed afterwords which inaudibly breathe "drives up costs for me who can afford it"). And the new currency is chickens and gold? Sounds far-fetched? Well, just tote up the arguments offered by haranguers above, subtract out a dose of conscience that heretofore has tempered social conversation, and add a splash of Kobach and Brownback and all those ilk, and voila--not far-fetched any longer at all. All you free market types--you can probably take a cue here that there's new money to be made in mass-marketing brown shirts. I'd guess you can sell many, many boatloads of the new national attire.

Have a nice day.

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Brownback, Roberts join legal challenge of federal health care overhaul

Eureka! Finally, you anti-taxers have breached the leftist fog poisoning my feeble brain. Now I truly "get" it: if Brownback and his lowbrow ilk can successfully repeal health care for everyone and return us to a better life (raw capitalism), then we will miraculously have healthy people all-around (not sure of how that kind of Palinesque thingie actually plays out factually, but leaving aside linearity here). Then (now linearity does enter in), we'll no longer have any disease-ridden corpses to catapult onto the immaculate lawns of the little capitalist fiefdoms, and all will be well in heart, mind, body, and soul. No, wait! It gets better (see how I'm learning to think "right"-minded?). Again in the Church of Linearity, we will have produced perfectly healthy bodies to feed to the War Machine--ingenious! So, we can send healthy poor people to purposely die somewhere else instead of having sick poor people die inconveniently in our own yard. If only I had seen the heavenly light sooner. I'd apologize for my outrageous lack of insight (the old me, not the newly reborn me), but I'd probably only sound as maudlin and inhumane as the anti-taxers. I can hardly wait for my tax cut and my new social blinders (government-supplied, of course).

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Brownback, Roberts join legal challenge of federal health care overhaul

To all you feudalists: take comfort--it will all work out, I'm sure. We'll simply reinvent the catapults and use them to lob countless disease-ridden bodies over the walls of YOUR little fiefdoms--oh, those would be the rotting corpses of the ones who died due to lack of public-supported health care. Shouldn't be a shortage of catapult fodder once you "freedom from financial oppression" people get your way. And think how much cleaner the streets will be--the smell might be bad, though.

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Kansas tax collections exceed estimates

How predictable. Never satisfied, are 'ya? When the economy is sour, you're sour too. When the economy improves, same old sourness continues to flow. Get a life.

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