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Tiny kitten rescued from Lawrence storm drain available for adoption at Lawrence Humane Society

Not to be too shallow, but I'll bet a photo of the cute little kitten would go a long way to helping find a home for it. Who could resist?

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After amputation, Lawrence firefighter defies odds

Excellent story. Makes me feel like a wuss for complaining about my office job.

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Deer crashes through window at Weaver's

Obviously, she was just window shopping. She couldn't afford to buy anything because she didn't have any bucks with her.

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Excessive heat warning extended through Saturday evening

This must be what it's like to live on Arakkis.

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Lawrence library wants $18 million expansion, asks city to schedule public vote

The entire scope of the library's $18M project seems skewed toward growth -- expansion of the children's section, more community rooms, more parking space, and more computers. Yet, nowhere in their plan do they mention improving the selection of books.

I understand that -- because of KU -- Lawrence has a few good libraries. But I think that the Lawrence library should spend its money on obtaining and maintaining a quality collection, first and foremost. I visited the library a few weeks ago and was surprised by how meager the selection was throughout.

That $18M could buy a host of new books, and vastly improve the quality of the library's collection.

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Writer dives into 'Millionaire' audition

As one of the other folks representing Lawrence, I agree with Jon. I had confidence in my movie trivia knowledge, but didn't dream I could make it to the final round. But I did, and now I, too, am waiting for a postcard.

Never pass up an opportunity to try, even if it seems impossible. You might surprise yourself.

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When it comes to e-mail, I'm an e-mailaholic

E-mail for work is definitely a 9-5 thing. I don't look at my work account after I go home. All other e-mail accounts (and social media) are fair game on nights and weekends, however. If I don't check my personal e-mail account several times on the weekend, I feel out of touch.

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What is your favorite comic book?

Superman is still my favorite after 30+ years of reading it. James Robinson (of Starman fame) will be taking over the title next month. It should be awesome.

May 21, 2008 at 3:19 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Movie ratings

As a movie critic, I have to disagree with Isabelle. Just because one is an adult does not mean that one is out-of-touch with what it means to be a kid. Some reviewers hate kids movies, but I'm not one of them. The key is to find a reviewer who reflects your tastes and treat that person as a trusted source (as you would a friend). That said, there are good movies and then there are popular movies. Just because a movie is popular doesn't mean it is good. So, even though Isabelle and her classmates believe a movie to be good doesn't make it so. While a film should be partially judged on the basis of how it will appeal to its intended audience, no film should be lauded for popularity alone.

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Ghosts, vampires make Friday fright night

Apparently Mr. McDonough doesn't believe in even a cursory bit of research for his articles. Fans of the CBS series Moonlight have been in mourning this week because the network announced that it had given the vampire detective drama a stake through the heart. Perhaps LJWorld needs an entertainment editor on staff rather than relying on shoddy wire services.

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