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Holton beats Eudora, 21-0, for 4A football championship

Good Season to the Cardinals! And awesome job to the Wildcats!

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Nation on track for fewer tornado deaths in 2010

Well I'm glad we're on track for such a low death total.. I'm just bummed we never really ha a tornado season this year..

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Should casinos provide patrons free alcohol if they are gambling?

They also should put a limit on how much you can gamble if you're drinking ..

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Bill James humbled by honors

Congrats on the award. You've done more for baseball enthusiasts than you realize.

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Blizzard Blog: Winter weather advisory lifted; roads remain snowpacked

this is going to be my 1st X-Mas alone.. I'm not to excited about this snow, not just the postponement of Christmas, but it completely deprived me of a four day weekend of indulging in the 7 deadly sins (it's an annual event with the fam). BUT, God and Mother Nature decided to get together and see it differently this year.. so I'm going to be humbled and deprived of the festivities. So the gift I got from God and Momma Nature was, for me to spend more time with, well me. Since all of my neighborhood decided to leave after finals.. It's kinda like a ghost town over here.. kinda creepy.. I'm just hoping the electricity stays on.. *knock on wood*

But I know I'm not the only one this affected. So I'm gonna make the most of it, get sleep and then go sledding down the hill, Clark Griswold style. I hope that the other people who's plans fell through come join the festivities later on!

Merry Christmas guys! I really hope everyone's plans were messed up a little, so ya'll can enjoy something ya didn't expect you'd be doing today. Make the best of a day that is to be shared with family and loved ones with complete strangers...

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KU football assistants on their way out

Family members hired on? like Ronnie Chalmers being hired on when Mario signed his LOI?

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

Perkins ought to be bought out as well

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Lawrence woman, Olathe man die in K-10 accident

This was something that really hit home for me. Kara and I grew up in a smaller rural Kansas community. The "everybody in the county seems to know everybody," type of deal. So when I had heard about her passing I knew it'd shock a lot of people back home. But I really felt bad for her family when I found out that her cousin's wedding was the next day. I know there's never a good time to lose a loved one.

I'm well aware that more of the fault lies in Kara's hands and that her actions also claimed another life . I'm not here to argue that.

I do know that both Eric and Kara left behind people who loved them and will miss them. My thoughts and prayers go out to both families.

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Green Day lashes out at Wal-Mart policy

now here is an article for the ages..

green day or wal mart? who's more of an epic fail?

well they both are terrible, but they both are using the American system to get a point across...

and yeah.. green day's music started getting worse when they started becoming all political and stuff...

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