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Simons' Saturday Column: Longtime newsman had a lasting impact on J-W

In addition to saying congratulations, I want to thank you for your support of the CJA and especially for your part in allowing me to participate. We learned first hand you are not only a seasoned journalist but an educator and leader. Thanks to you, the CJA was a highlight for me. I commend you on your long and successful career, Ralph. Perhaps there is a book in your retirement?

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Behind the Lens: Tweak camera settings to find an ISO that’s A-OK

Mike, I appreciate you telling us how you set your camera in certain situations. It seems I have a good understanding of my camera until a great picture presents itself. Then my mind goes blank. It helps to be able to remember, for example, low light--set camera this way to start.

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A New Vision for Lawrence - Scooters, Pedestrians, Bikes, Cars - and Short-Term Insurance

Good post. We often take our bicycles when we travel but usually stay to bike trails because we're the type of riders that motorists do not like--slow & gawking around.

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Alaska Roadtrip, Keeping It Basic

cigard, I just have to come back again to your comment. We actually have a Kwik Kamp that we pull behind our Corolla to do some low cost, surrounding state roadtrips. I'll share a little about that another time. It sounds like you could have some input there as well.

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Alaska Roadtrip, Keeping It Basic

cigard, looking forward to reading your journal. Thank you for the link!

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Alaska Roadtrip, Keeping It Basic

blindrabbit, great summation of your trip. We feel we should have spent a little more time north as you did. Actually think we'll do it again in a year or so and ferry the truck as well.

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Small Town Grocery Stores

Thank you for the responses. I've enjoyed reading about neighborhood grocery stores your past. Thankfully, there are Farmers Markets where we can visit with owners and even barter.

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What are you reading?

"The Art of Hearing Heartbeats" by Jan-Philipp Sendker

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Simplify (Wall Street?)

Hi Dave! Even though we have no plans to change our current living arrangement, both my husband & I feel it's time to get rid of extra "stuff.". Letting go can be stressful, although surprisingly liberating in the end.

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Favorite Photos of 2011 by Mike Yoder

Nice pictures, Mike. Next time, more.

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