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KU to play Virginia Tech in Orange Bowl on Jan. 3

Watch out Tiger fans - you might just lose again when Arkansas lines up against you. You had your chance at the big prize - so you got nothing to bitch about. KU needs the money more than you do.

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Daniel's 40 completions too much for KU to overcome in the end, MU wins 36-28

It really was sickening to see Carl Peterson interviewed as KU was starting to move the ball and we had to listen to Carl banging his cash register with glee. "It's great for Kansas City!" But most all Jayhawks would have loved the deal had we won out. I do think MU was the better team - could we have had a better shot at stealing the game away at Memorial Stadium ? HELL YES! Well, Lou and Carl can clink their drink cups together and toast Lamar Hunt. What the hell favor did the Chiefs do for this rivalry. I think they end up being well compensated.

The announcers sucked on television. I know it was a long shot for KU in the 4th quarter - but they were absolutely babbling thru most of the 4th quarter and not even commenting much on what was happening on the field. Has anyone ever coasted more in a network job more than Brent Musberger ? Did they ever ask - hey why isn't Jake Sharp playing ? Or maybe Reesing isn't moving the pocket BECAUSE HIS ANKLE IS SCREWED UP ? And my personal favorite thing to bitch about - Sideline reporters - who needs them ? Nothing against the girl on the sidelines. Hell, I am sure she could have done a better job than Musberger - move her up to the booth and replace that past member of the cartoon team HECKLE and JECKLE.

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'Sopranos' ends series run with challenging finale

I heard a guy on "sports talk" radio give as good an explanation as any. The audience got "whacked". There was no way the writer could tie everything up this season and he was tired of doing the series. He showed several times over the last few seasons that the main characters were not going to change their ways - so eventually Tony will either get whacked or go to jail. The writer just cut us out of the story - we are the ones who "went to black".

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Hancock's father sues over pitcher's death

I think everyone can agree that the family has made a mistake here. The attorney should have advised them to sleep on this decision - about 6 months might have been long enough. Why not sue the Cardinals for putting too much pressure on him and causing him to drink. This is sad.

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This year's Gators love the haters

I don't think it will be clear how big a dork Noah is until he gets to the NBA. I do think they will win it all again and expect to see him hog the camera like he did last year. It will be fun to see NBA players bounce him into the stands in his first few games there.

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From farmer to president


the latest installment of brownbackaganda , how much does he pay for these daily instalments ? Is this a press release ?


Yeah, it probably is a press release, seems like I have read many like this one from the Nancy Boyda office. Now I hope that LJW is not charging Brownback more than the rate Nancy gets!

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Missouri St. should get the boot, KU fan says

ChuckNoblet - by your reasoning about all the changes someone would have to make - nobody should ever move!! I guess we could take up a fund raising drive to help the poor people that would have to notify the credit card companies, websites, etc. that their address has been changed - you, know - like they have to do when they move.

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Missouri St. should get the boot, KU fan says

Renaming the street is a great idea. Too bad we can't name the alleys -- Norm Stewart Dumpway - -- Billy Tubbs Back Alley -- My God - I agree that all the resistance to this idea is unexpected. Do it - it will become part of the rivalry lore. Norm is always proud to talk about not spending any money in Kansas - so let's not have any stupid street called Missouri too close to our school.

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Change of heart?

The gist of this article seems to be that he changed his views just to get elected. Nice try LJW.
You know there really are some religous extremists out there that people need to worry about and they are not Christians.
The current popular mantra against the Christian right is comical when compared to the Islamic wack jobs that are not going to stop until they control everything. Those who would like to live in peace in the Mid-East are afraid to speak out or fight against these clowns. Can you blame them - they knew all along that it is possible the US and allies would pull out and more than likely that the religous militias will blow them up or behead them if they cooperate with the move to a democracy.

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Do you think that Sam Brownback has a chance to win the 2008 Republican presidential nomination?

I like a lot of things about him - but I would say a very slim chance in 2008. GOP likely to pick somebody that everyone thinks is a moderate - they will get pounded unless the Dems are stupid enough to run Hillary. Moderate Republicans are beloved by the press until they attempt to run for President.

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