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Freshman KU basketball player Brannen Greene cited for leaving scene of accident

You get your semi-free pass ( I am sure some kind of discipline will be involved) out of the way early. Brannen - snap out of it !

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8 percent state cut to higher education could put KU jobs at risk, chancellor says

Political Science - might be a good area to trim. African-American studies - trim just a little ?
Women's Studies ? Some might say KU's football program is unnecessary duplication (dang Wildcats). At any rate - I think KU will survive an 8% cut. You might want to shed a tear for those that take a 100% pay cut in small business around this state.

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Do you expect anniversaries of World War II events such as D-Day and Pearl Harbor to be commemorated in the same way in 25 years as they are today?

I read somewhere that the 40th anniversary of any big historic event is usually the last big commemoration. Interest gradually diminishes until a sharp rise with the Centennial celebration and then rapidly drops away. That is why I voted "no" on the poll. D-Day will probably still have siginificant memorials every 5 years due to the mortality rate of the WW II vet. But, in 25 years they will all most certainly be gone. This year's ceremony was very impressive.

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Businesses urge city to get tough on downtown panhandlers

Go ahead and move them out. It is all BS about their sob stories. As far as the musicians go, it is ok for them to put out a hat for donations. But not OK to ask for them. I did throw in a quarter once if the guy would stop trying to sing. He kept on singing. I tell you honestly, I have never heard any music from any of these people that is worth a donation.

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KU secures 2008 NCAA crown, 75-68 in overtime over Memphis

Conratulations to the Players and Coach Self. When things looked really bad - I thought to myself that you could not pin this loss on Self. He made good moves throughout the tourney and yeah, we had some lucky breaks along the way that helped. My god it is fun to listen to Billy Packer on the replay. He is universally despised by fans everywhere. I don't doubt his knowledge of the game, but why must he go on as the main guy on final four coverage. Can't we mix it up a little CBS ? His call on the technical that should have been charged is a classic that will echo throughout this state for a long time. Billy Packer - basketball expert and "mind reader". The Memphis player who slammed the ball into the air "was mad at himself" and not possibly rubbing it in that KU had muffed an opportunity and been forced to foul. How did Billy know that?

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A true survive-and-advance story: KU downs NU, 64-54

Who in the hell said i could coach. I note the timing of your post riverdrifter. I agree that i can't coach but I bet I could win more than 10 games with this team. And I will bet you that Self was all over this bunch and half time. I do not think they were ready to play - i guess it is possible that Coach Self and Coach Sadler had to hit them in the mouth to get them to play hard. They clearly were not ready in the first half.

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A true survive-and-advance story: KU downs NU, 64-54

Hopefully, we can pull this out. This is about a coach - they are flat not ready to play. Why can't we blame him. Maybe he can take care of this at halftime. He shold have seen this coming. Let's get them in this Self.

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Former KU great Schnellbacher dies at 84

One of my claims to fame is that Otto Schnellbacher was one of my grade school football coaches. It is great that he lived so long and finally got to see his Jayhawks win an Orange Bowl. RIP Oh Great One.

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Rush's last-second three falls short, KU drops nail-biter in Stillwater, 61-60

Well, the league title is probably shot now. This is the first bad team we have let win this year. Still could get it together, but we will have to get hot soon to go far in the NCAA. You just don't get the feeling that it is going to happen for this team - hope I'm wrong. On the bright side OSU may get stuck with Eddie Sutton, Jr for another year.
P.S. - I would like a warning signal at the bottom of the screen when the TV producer is getting ready to switch the camera to Coach Sean Sutton's face - My God he is ugly.

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Collins' late steal-and-score seals a 71-66 KU win over Georgia Tech

i was not able to watch the game. A friend of mine said the announcers hardly referred to the fact that KU had to play without several players in the 1st half due to foul trouble. ACC leaning announcers ?

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