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Obama: No. 1 seeds will rule in NCAA Tournament

1. Libya's spent billions on anti-air defense over the last 8 or so years. Engaging Libya in this manner would mean a protracted, hot air war.

Keep in mind, Desert Shield/Storm took months of logistical planning. You can't just snap your fingers and move a fighter or bomber wing from one continent to another.

If a military campaign against Libya were easy, NATO would already be there, considering the amount of Libyan crude consumed by it's European members.

2. Who's going pay for a third Mideast war? Do you seriously see deficit hawks in DC approving massive new spending?

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Secretary of State-elect Kris Kobach to jump on election fraud 'mandate'

Late to the fight, but...
The SCOTUS ruling on Crawford v. Marion County suggests that a bill requiring ID will pass Constitutional muster, at least as far as the Courts are concerned.

Proof of citizenship is something else, as this was overturned in the Az law back in October, I'm sure Kobach is assuming he will win at SCOTUS on appeal.

The other thorny issue is that the law requiring proof of citizenship will need to be applied universally. Allowing absentee voters, or some other voter group such as the elderly, to by pass this rule will effectively create two classes of voters, which virtually garuntees such a law would be overturned on appeal.

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Campaign Notebook: Republicans lead all Kansas statewide races, according to poll

Internals on this poll can be found here:

It's important to note that this phone based poll suffers the same problem as many other phone based polls in recent years, the pollster only calls landlines.

This is fairly obvious when you look at the internals of the Governor's race:

18-34 year olds favor Brownback over Holland 79% - 16%, where voters over 65 favor Brownback 58% to 36%, which is counter-intuitive because we would expect voters under 35 to be less conservative than voters over 65, especially in Kansas.

It seems very likely from looking at the polling that voters in the 18-35 and 36-45 age groups a drastically underrepresented in these polls. This can be handwaved away by noting that voter participation is greater among older voters.

Some of other internals seem really, really odd. Maybe someone better at reading polls can explain how 66% of respondents who would vote for Brownback earn less than $50K and 67% make more than $50K?

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Obama’s stand on mosque insensitive, GOP says

If a body is vaporized, it is converted to a gas and would not likely "land" anywhere.

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Build mosque elsewhere, Reid urges

With an argument like that, we should ban all new Christian Churches, predicated on Tim Mcveigh's religious beliefs.

After all nothing says "America" like disenfranchising the many due to the actions of the few.

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Obama’s stand on mosque insensitive, GOP says

“I mean, it seems to me those are issues related to local zoning laws and so forth, and that’s a decision that they’re going to have to make, but I don’t see the federal government having any role in that,” Kratovil said.


Too bad the GOP-led 2000 congress passed the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA), which essentiall removes all zoning laws related to Church construction.

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Build mosque elsewhere, Reid urges

Other things within the two block "sacred zone" around Ground Zero:
A 9/11 high-end strip club - http://gothamist.com/2010/08/16/other...

Nothing says sacred like some woman shaking her money maker for a Ben Franklin, amirite?

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Obama settles on message for elections: ‘Don’t give in to fear’

Irony: in 2000, the GOP-led Congress passed the "Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act", giving churches and other religious institutions a way to avoid burdensome zoning law restrictions on their property use.


Guess it only applies to some kinds of sky cake.

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Obama defends plan for mosque near ground zero

Just an FYI, opposing private property property rights and advocating for government overreach means, you are not, and never will be, a libertarian.

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Kobach presses issue of election fraud

Given that you can complete a voter registration form up to 15 days before an election, I'm not sure what your complaining about. Perhaps you should bring this issue up again on October 19th, when the voter registration period closes?

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