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Regulations adopted to implement higher admission standards at KU in 2016

there are plenty other state institutions that you have also been supporting. There is probably a better fit somewhere.

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Regulations adopted to implement higher admission standards at KU in 2016

I didn't go to KU five years ago because the standards were far too low. I think this is a great move for the university to attract more out of state students, college ready individuals, and to better their freshman retention rate. KSU has a niche with the Ag students, the Shockers with teachers, and so on. KU meanwhile is competing against flagship state institutions across the midwest which all have DRASTICALLY higher standards. It's a smart move no matter how you look at it.

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Amyx asks City Commission to weigh recreation center against other city priorities, projects

i'm sorry you're from the south. Lowest common denominator? Really? Have you ever stepped foot into his shop, which has been open for over 50 years? There are all walks of life. I myself have been a loyal patron since moving to lawrence about 20 years ago. I have three degrees, own a business, and used to be a professor at a college up north. Am I the lowest common denominator?

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Report: Science instruction disappearing in elementary school, but not science grades

think of the times. Science was probably one of the most important topics! I can't speak of the environment, but from what I would surmise, with the wars ending and the cold war sparking up along with the space race, I'm sure that there would be an increased focus on a science curriculum. Also, I know from my family that music and the arts were also given a much greater focus. Oh how I wish I could have seen those days!

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Tax cuts started to show in drops in state revenue forecasts

well that's a shocker. tax cuts to people who earn a lot of money leads to lower income for the state. whodathunkit?

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LHS, Free State football teams earn first-round playoff victories

what was the score at the lhs game? it was never mentioned in the article

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Meet your LHS and Free State football starters ... Monday Night Football style

i feel like this has to say something about the difference between the two programs.

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Bring it on: At long last, LHS-FSHS battle nears

never know with the city showdown. im thinking much closer. shootout. Free State pulls it out, 38-35.

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Opinion: In Friday's City Football Showdown, size won’t matter

home field advantage for the playoffs is at stake!

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Drunken drivers can pose risk after incidents

why not make a convicted dui driver pay for the SCRAM device as part of their sentence?

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