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Opinion: Firebirds' late-season letdown serves as lesson

First. The head coach at Hutch is originally from Victoria, KS. I know him and his family personally. He isn't going anywhere. He'd prefer being closer to his family. Second. Lisher is an excellent coach. If you know anything about football you would understand this. Third. When Lisher decides to retire who do you think the next coach will be? This is Kansas high school football, not Texas. It's not like coaches are lining up for jobs that pay an extra 3000 to 6000 a year, maybe a little more at a place like Hutch or Gardner.

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Opinion: In defense of a much-improved defense

neworleans? That is sarcasm I hope. The defense played better then anytime this season or the last 2. You have no clue about football if you actually believe KU played terrible defense. Put the bottle down and go to bed.

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Firebirds No. 1 in new poll; Chiefs name Lisher coach of the week

kujayhawk, you must not follow the two programs. Last year Free State was down while LHS was up. Free State, because of Lisher not talent, managed to win a handful of games. Wedd also inherited a program while Lisher had to build his up.

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