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Prosecutors file attempted murder charge against Lawrence man for Michigan Way shooting

He got the best crooked lawyer in Lawrence. I still cannot believe he's still able to practice after being suspended back early 2000 time frame. He will probably get of with probation if rumsey is involved.

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I-70 blocked Monday morning after multiple accidents in Leavenworth County

Actually LJW the accident west of the eastern terminal at milepost 216 and 215 did result in transporting three people to the hospital including a toddler. You might start getting your information from the Leavenworth County EMS instead of the KTA.

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Appeals backlog leave Kansas unemployed waiting

Help me out here. Didn't you just print an article of how unemployment was down yesterday and they were going to cut the emergency portion.

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Highway patrol trooper injured in rollover accident in Leavenworth County

Josh is a really good guy I hope he has a fast recovery. The problem is most KHP cars are now slick tops and only have a dash light and wig wags. Some have grille lights but it's still not enough to really get the attention they need. I understand they do it so they can move around a little better undetected but at some point a line needs drawn and add more lights which will increase the visibility when they approach from the rear.

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Town Talk: Sales tax collections up 3.5 percent for 2011 so far; look for incentives request for Ninth and N.H. project; a little talk about a big police rifle

Ok so most of the cars have no gun locks in them or they are set up to hold a pump shotgun. So switching over to the AR rifles means they are going to also have to switch the gun mounts. Which are not cheap. And it's not safe to put a weapon in the trunk of a patrol car without a secondary security other than a trunk lock. So are the officers going to pay to install new gunlocks and mounts in the car also.

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Woman flown to hospital after stabbing

Self inflicted. Wait and see.

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Vehicles have run off U.S. 59, hit fence on property over 30 times

How about cable barriers? 30 times in the same spot. That's not even a stretch of highway it's a couple hundred feet of roadway.

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Police investigating suspected overdoses


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Occupy Lawrence members report crimes at South Park camp

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Former Eudora police officer accused of battery on cab driver on way to The Outhouse applies for diversion

Don't worry KCrobber the cheater is gone too. Well at least one of them

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