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Humane society voted best in state

This is great to hear! Congrats to the Humane Society.

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Mother doubts teen daughter’s reasons to start taking birth control pills

SettingTheRecordStraight, it seems from your post that you have trouble following logic.

You take some basic ideas from Dr. Crenshaw's response, remove the topic at hand (the possibility of a 15-year-old being deceptive about her reasons to want to be on birth control) and replace it with a scenario of your own creation (a fictitious teenager "intent on" drinking alcohol). You then reach your own conclusions based on this incongruous substitution and assert that the absurdity of those conclusions implies the absurdity of Dr. Crenshaw's response.

This is not logical for a number of reasons. The most startling problem with your logic is your categorization of the teenage trend of wanting to drink alcohol as a "natural proclivity." Oh yeah, those raging alcho-hormones we all struggled with in our teenage years, right? The awkward 'first time' you fumbled in the dark to find the tab on that beer can? That first mysterious and shameful wet bar dream?

Yes, both teenage sex AND teenage drinking happen. I imagine both often happen as a result of peer pressure. But, except in rare cases (I know of none, actually, unless a child developed an alcohol dependency while being carried by his or her mother) teenagers do NOT experience a 'natural' or 'biological' drive to drink. It's common knowledge, however, that ESPECIALLY in the teenage years, one feels the natural, biological urge to engage in sexual intercourse. This is key to the debate, and your illogical argument has no place in intelligent discourse on the subject.

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Area residents respond to Tiller's slaying with donations, other support

djeyler (Anonymous) says…

"I already gave to [sic] much. Planned Parenthood just got 300,000 grand [sic] from Topeka. That's blood money. ... So the next time you go into the Douglas County Health Department for services you decide for yourselves who is really helping women and girls. ... Blood money."

djeyler, the best way to reduce abortion numbers is to reduce unwanted pregnancies, and the best way to reduce unwanted pregnancies is to provide sex education and accessible contraceptives. Planned Parenthood provides both. Assuming that you're against abortion, do you not consider that to be "helping women and girls"?

Also, djeyler, please quit saying "blood money." You sound like a fool.

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Cordley student wins statewide healthy eating contest

Pogo and Sigmund, you are absolutely right! Soy is the devil! This 7 year old should be stripped of his winning title and should certainly return that T-shirt for promoting this deadly food!

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Suspect in violent attack no longer tracked by GPS

I thought they considered him a HUGE flight risk! I'm dying for this trial to start so they can finally lock him up.

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SUV hits tree, power line; driver goes to hospital

lol @ gphawk89

It's kind of like when people say "God was watching over that person who accidentily drove their car off of a bridge and only broke every bone in their body.. instead of dying!"

I don't think that's a comforting thought in any reality: either God loves you and just really sucks at trying to be all powerful and prevent things like that, or dang, God just really hates you and wants you to break every bone in your body! Sometimes accidents are just accidents and their results are just physics, yaknowwhatimsayin'?

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Senator's bill would make it illegal for anyone under 18 to have a cigarette lighter

Only YouCan Prevent17 years olds burning patchouli scented incense

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Love Stories: Lawrence couples share how they met

Cute story. The Selfs' story is interesting; I never realized they met after a shared loss to KU!My husband and I, having met through mutual friends, began hanging out during my freshman and his sophomore year at KU. I'd had a crush on him since meeting him, but I still remember the day my undying lust for him was confirmed:He had driven over to visit me at Hashinger, and we decided to walk to the Natural History Museum together (as I, being a freshman, had not yet been). It was a cool spring day, a bit cloudy out with a chilly wind but nice nonetheless. As we chatted while walking across campus, he paused just east of Wescoe Beach and picked up a leaf from the ground."This," he informed me, "is from a ginkgo tree." He then launched into a super-nerdy and super-informative lecture on the storied history of the ginkgo tree.His vast vaults of trivial knowledge, expressed in random spurts as this one, with little to no regard for acceptable courtship standards, were what rendered my knees wobbly that windy day on Jayhawk Boulevard.We moved in together after only a few months of dating, and while that could have been potentially the stupidest decision of either of our young lives, it couldn't have worked out more beautifully. A few years later, I proposed to him, and we were married in South Park this past May. Between our ceremony and reception, we planted a ginkgo tree in the park. Although we both (unfortunately) grew up in Topeka, Lawrence is OUR town now - I can't think of a single better place to be married than the town we grew to know each other in and the park we studied together in while dating./cheese

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Hunters scramble to catch squirrels

I agree with riverat's comment - especially coming from someone who sounds like an experienced hunter himself.In my opinion, hunting should be done primarily to obtain food, and the sporting aspect should come second. I don't understand what's so heroic about killing an animal for no reason but to kill it - and it seems this would cheapen the value of life to youngsters who are learning this behavior.Wouldn't a small group outing - like a couple of kids and their dads - hunting down a deer, then preparing it as food together, be a better bonding experience and a valuable lesson in respecting that animal's sacrifice?As riverat said, the weigh-in aspect, and the competition in general, seem to instill the wrong reasons for hunting.Having said all that, I'm glad that this event appeared to be a positive one for families and the community (although not so much for the squirrels...)

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Church home: KU students live co-op style at Ecumenical Christian Ministries

hawkperchedatECM,Very few residents of multi-unit buildings are responsible for yard upkeep. It's typically included in the rent. Frankly, I think $300 to live in the basement of an old building is a bit steep, so surely yard maintenance would be covered.If you're very concerned, I suggest lodging a complaint with the University, since it's their land.If you're very unloved and bitter, I suggest sitting on your ass in front of your computer and complaining about those damn students who are capable of making damn friends.

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