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Wolf Creek nuclear power plant officials monitoring situation in Japan

The above may be the most ignorant comment ever on this website

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Town Talk: Caterer worries about unfair competition from City Hall; Masonic Temple building under consideration; Santa Fe Depot update

We need affordable event space. There is nothing wrong with the city providing the place and the rent they are charging. It brings people to town without bankrupting them, allowing more money to be spent on other nearby attractions, restaurants, and hotels. There is absolutely no reason why the private sector couldn't rent a room out at that cost and make money.

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State of State Address: Brownback says he will focus on economy

be willing to bet the water office is moved to KDHE which is then merged with KDWP to form a DNR as other states have. Dept of Ag could be included, eliminating 2 agencies, and creating one huge one.

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Johnson County deputies win award for rescuing 6-year-old De Soto boy confined in attic

PopcoRN, if a police officer searched like that through every house whenever a criminal said "NO", whether truthful or not, there would be all types of complaints and issues. It doesn't even sound like the deputies knew the child was in danger when they went there, and whenever they arrest someone with children, they just have to make sure the kids are taken care of somehow. The family members, knowing more, probably directed them back and should also be honored.

I really hope you are not an RN.

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Tonganoxie interchange lauded after 1 year open

"For Tonganoxie residents, it provides a better alternative to the dark, curvy and deer-infested U.S. Highway 24-40 that parallels I-70, Tonganoxie City Administrator Mike Yanez said"

LOL. If Yanez actually said that, he has no credibility and the City should seek a new person for that position. Dark? No worse than any other road not in a town. Curvy? No dangerously, but can be annoying trying to find a place to pass when people are putting along at 10 MPH below the limit. But Deer infested? Seriously, he thinks that area is deer infested? I drive it routinely during peek wildlife movement hours, and there are very few deer along the hwy corridor. I've seen one fawn that was looking at me from the ditch but it was far away and moved away back into the fields when it heard/saw me. Even the fields by the creek bridge near Reno, an area that I used to see deer often, have been empty. This is a special deer zone area, and they are hunted for nearly 5 months=few deer and very low population density. I haven't seen any roadkill or signs of roadkill either, outside of a random possum or skunk. I've seen more roadkill deer on the comparative stretch of I-70 than Hwy 24/40.

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Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks purchases land for new refuge

State funds are not used in wildlife areas. Funds available for wildlife areas cannot be used in state parks as the money has to be spent of hunting/fishing related conservation efforts. Funds available through the PR act cannot be used for other functions on the government. This is basic facts that should be known by all sportsmen and more of the public.

This is a wise purchase, has no affect on any other budget since wildlife conservation is a self-funded act. You also need to look up property taxes, yes the state does not pay property taxes, but KDWP does indeed make payments in lieu of taxes to governments on much of the land they own. Local governments maintain their tax base while creating public use areas and bringing in visitors/tourists. Sounds good to me.

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A listing of priority one and two snow removal routes

How much use does the airport get? Does it really need to be a #1 priority...not that it takes long to plow, just kind of stuck out to me

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Town Talk: City ready to plow snow; GIS program to track snow crews; Bowersock project set for low-cost city lease; Presto convenience stores to change ownership

what about the fishing access to the River? Sounds like they are taking the only foot access to the river away from the public for $10 a month. They should not be able to take the publicly accessible foot access/fishing access in the city away from private use.

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Do you think city employees should get year-end longevity payments?

Non-Higher Ed state workers haven't received a raise in 4 years, we've had one 1% cost of living increase during that time. I think one 2.5% pay raise in the last decade actually. Would be nice, since KU take so much state money, that they would be held to the same standards as any other public state employee. Many state agencies are not even run with state tax money, it's user fee based, and they are held to the same standard as other state agencies run of tax dollars...so if KU and the universities are exempt, why not those other agenices too? I have many friends in the private sector who have still gotten COLA and pay raises annually, albeit smaller than normal.

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Wildlife and parks crews set fire to dead plant material around Douglas County Lake to promote new growth

I also walk those woods often, and in regards to DRsmith, yes it was windy in the open country, but the lake sits in a rather deep valley. 20 MPH winds would be about 5 MPH in that area, it's really weird how calm that area is when it's windy as heck in Baldwin.

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