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Lawrence artist miffed after Topeka restaurant removes Brownback painting

I saw recently that Quinton's plastered over the mural he did there. What gives?

I really liked that piece

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U.S. court puts up roadblock on Sunflower Electric Power Corp. coal-burning power plant in Kansas

And all the while the state of Kansas remains the best wind energy resource outside of TX.

Congress allowing the renewable energy Production Tax Credit to simply vanish at year's end is the real detriment to Kansas energy. We are on the cusp of something great (clean domestic energy, an economic boon that could effectively replace Boeing in the Siemens facilities at Hutch and Wichita, a brand new 400+ MW site in 4 southern counties that will be put on new HI-VO transmission lines) and what's the one thing Kansas does to capitalize on the future? We build another coal plant.......? This is ridiculous. Thank you Sierra Club

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What's one of your dad's favorite sayings?

"Muck Fizzou" and "I'm not sleepin', I'm checkin' for holes in my eyelids"

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Tightening the gap

what's with these stupid pictures of high school kids wearing 4 different seasons worth of clothing?

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Quigley's crash course

Go Angus! hard hittin'!

Blake Gideon meet tractor...

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Forgotten Math

Jim Lehrer concludes his show every weeknight with an honor roll of those KIA.

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Summer gridiron report, Day 1: Missouri

3rd? How 'bout dead last!

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Your Favorite Sandwich: Haiku It!

had Wheatfields for lunch
pretty plain sandwich, some may say
turkey, mayo, bread

it was delicious!

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