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Carriers hurt

The carrier CHOOSES to work for the Journal-World, so like a postal worker, they deliver through rain, sleet, and snow. Elderly people should have their paper on their porch because they can't afford a fall on ice or snow Broken hips and other bones cost a heck of a lot more than this $5 charge! I've lived in Lawrence 19 years and have NEVER had my paper delivered anywhere but the porch until Monday.

But, I agree, there is so little of the Journal-World these days is it really worth continuing? If I order the KC Star or the Capitol Journal I'll have to walk in the drive to get my paper but at least I'll have something to read. And, the Topeka paper has as much or more Lawrence information in it than our local paper.

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Town Talk: Former Gaslight spot in N. Lawrence to get new life, and bikes for rent; Wall St. Journal speculates Knology looking for buyer; former Rod's Hallmark going out of business

Agreed!! And once you have parted ways they fill your mailbox with deals to get you back. We stopped them over a year ago and we continue to get this mail.

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Group calls for end to 'woo' in Rock Chalk Chant

I can't believe this story is getting so much attention. If someone is so offended, don't go to the game. And, with businesses closing left and right in Lawrence, it would seem to me that the Journal World has much bigger issues to report on.

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Lawrence Salvation Army kettle campaign hopes to hit $100,000 goal

Dear 4chewnut:

The Salvation Army, as well as other religious organizations like the Catholic Church for instance, don't condone the gay lifestyle, however; the Salvation Army will provide services to whomever comes to their doors in need, gay, lesbian, transgender, etc.

You never know when you or one of your gay friends might need the services of the Salvation Army, so I'd probably not be so narrow minded.

I'm proud to be a donor to the Salvation Army, and don't ever specify my money can't go to a gay person, I’m more open minded than that.

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As fund deadline nears, Lawrence Community Shelter ‘positive’

So, how is the shelter going to sustain this project once they raise the money? A newer, larger building, with additional staff, is going to cost more money. How will this additional cost be funded?

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Does Lawrence need a city-run recycling program?

This should be a choice for residents of Lawrence, not a mandate!!!

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Theatre Lawrence closes successful fundraising campaign for new building

I think people have missed the boat all the way around here. Theatre Lawrence has been a good 8-10 years raising this money, which seems to be a typical time frame for fundraising in Lawrence. I have lived in Lawrence 20 years and have never attended a performance at the Theatre because of it's current location. I don't know that I will ever attend a performance but at least it will be in a location that I would feel safe in.

Raising their goal by the end of September brings $500,000 of Mabee Foundation money into the Lawrence community, which is a good thing for Lawrence.

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Olive Garden considering building restaurant on South Iowa Street

Olive Garden would be a great restaurant for Lawrence. Right now we are surrounded by some very good sports bars, but music is so loud you can't carry on a conversation. And their are more Asian restaurants than I care to count. As middle age and older, there are very few restaurants in Lawrence. We keep wondering why Lawrence business is going to Topeka or Kansas City, give us a few more options.

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