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Journal-World carriers working to deliver papers in snow

We didn't get our paper and our streets were passable. We'll see what tomorrow brings. All the LJWorld would say is that they would credit us for the day. Yep!

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Knology set to drop WGN, RFD TV and other networks from cable lineup; Baker files plans for $1.2 million wetland education center; study finds Lawrence has among the lowest development fees in the region

Nearly everything is cheaper in KC than Lawrence! That's why I don't shop in Lawrence and I certainly don't have Knology!!!

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Lawrence's unemployment rate increases

There is no excuse for people not being able to find a job. I see numerous jobs in the Lawrence Journal World everyday, you may not get paid what you were making, but it's an honest living. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Doesn't that sound like the speech we hear from Mr. Obama every time he opens his mouth. Now, isn't that change working for you??

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Lawrence's unemployment rate increases


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Evacuation lifted for homes near Langston Hughes school in west Lawrence after large grass fire

We watched this from our deck, as we live two blocks east of Langston Hughes. The flames, at times, were shooting higher than the trees and utility poles! It was an amazing sight. The number of cars that came down Harvard just to see this fire was totally outrageous. Fire trucks were trying to get through and we have people who want to see the fire! There hasn't been that kind of traffic on Harvard in the 5 years we've lived here. Big thanks to the Lawrence Fire Department on their quick response at getting the fire out!

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City officials tell Orscheln Farm and Home it can't sell chickens or ducks from its Lawrence store

Just another reason to shop somewhere other than Lawrence. With the number of businesses closing in Lawrence you'd think the City would encourage business rather than dispute it.

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United Way agencies facing dramatic funding changes

And, should! It would be interesting to see how much of the United Way donations are used for administrative expenses. Did this allocation committee REALLY know what they were doing? Everyone who gave to the United Way because they fund so many organizations should quit giving and give their money directly to the organization. There is NO need for the middle man. Not only did the organizations get ripped off, the donor did as well.

The United Way should be ashamed!!!

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Town Talk: City delays vote on Ninth and New Hampshire hotel/apartment project again; city to tackle issue of longterm R.V. campers near South Park; Lawrence chosen as Midwest retirement 'haven'

A retirement community???? In my mind a retirement community would include decent age appropriate shopping, which Lawrence does not have, college kids like it, but not the elderly; good medical services, which Lawrence lacks desperately. You get blood work done and you get to wait a week for the results. In Topeka and Kansas City the results are immediate. Lawrence lacks the technology to make this a quicker process. And now we even have a newspaper that pushes the elderly outside to walk to the curb to get their paper, leaving it wide open to fall and break a hip or other bones. I would never call Lawrence a "Retirement Community!"

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An explanation to readers about recent home delivery issues

I did not get a letter. I saw the sticker on the paper, but it was more a directive, not an option that was negotiable.

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An explanation to readers about recent home delivery issues

I called for porch delivery this morning and bless the poor lady answering the phone, she had no responses to my questions. She immediately asked how I planned to pay for the service and I said add it to my bill. She said they didn't do that and that I had to pay by credit card or come in and pay for it. WHAT??? So will the JW send separate bills for the paper AND the service? She finally asked and was told that the service would be added to the bill. Then she told me it would be $16 something for the service for 3 months, because it is $5 per month. I told her I would pay ONLY $5 for one month because I'm just going to be trying it out. I can't imagine this is going to work out for the JW or its customers.

I've lived in Lawrence 20+ years and have ALWAYS had porch delivery so in my mind this isn't a NEW service. What a debacle this is!!!

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