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Opinion: Pledge fuels cynicism about Congress

I think the blame has to be put on both parties. Everyone keeps saying compromise is a two way street, but then are pissed when the Republicans try to stick to their guns on the tax rate increase, which is one of their core beliefs.

Everyone know the Republicans have to cave on this issue and that it is going to hurt them, given the fact that increasing tax rates goes against everything they believe in. No one seems upset that what the President is asking for now, is not the same as what he campaigned on. And no one seems upset that in this time that they are supposed to be compromising and figuring out a way to get this done, the President also threw in a 500 billion dollar stimulus and no limit on the debt ceiling. All I am saying is that doesn't sound like compromise to me. maybe that is the democrats definition of compromise, but it isn't mine.

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Opinion: Pledge fuels cynicism about Congress

No Cait, my statement didn't beg to be fixed. It was you, trying to be cute. It isn't cute, it isn't intelligent, and it doesn't add anything to the conversation. I'd much rather you just state your opinion, like you did above.

I don't expect that you will agree with my comments. I know many won't agree with it, which is fine with me, but I guess I was expecting a little more mature response than the flippant "there. I fixed it for you." My bad.

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Opinion: Pledge fuels cynicism about Congress

See what I mean. That is just adorable!

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Opinion: Pledge fuels cynicism about Congress

This is what always amazes me with liberals is that you guys honestly, actually believe that the democrats had absolutely nothing to do with the problems this country is in. I think even the most hardcore Republican will admit we played a part in it. But, you liberals are adamant that it is entirely the republicans fault. It really is unbelievable, but also kind of cute.

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Opinion: Pledge fuels cynicism about Congress

Don't "fix" my posts Cait. I don't need or want your help.

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Opinion: Pledge fuels cynicism about Congress

I detailed some compromises that I would like to see the Republicans come with, in terms of increasing the revenue. I would like to see them at least hold President Obama to the spending cuts that he campaigned on and hold firm on no large stimulus package. And no one is even talking about the debt ceiling. Obama has said he doesn't want a limit. That should be a deal breaker. And, shouldn't President Obama at least pretend to be working on a budget?

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Opinion: Pledge fuels cynicism about Congress

I'm not a big fan of stimulus packages because normally a bunch of crap gets thrown in with it. What are the specifics to this particular stimulus package that deal directly with employment rates? I have not read any specifics, only that Obama wants another large stimulus package. How is it written so that we can guarantee it directly increases employment? I might be more supportive of such a stim package if I knew the details. At this point in time, I'm not good with trust us with 500 billion, we are the govt. And we are here to help.

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Manziel is first freshman Heisman Trophy winner

That's kind of harsh. I wouldn't say that either Tim Tebow or Collin Klein are "wacky". Tim Tebow was also a quarterback at a beloved SEC school. Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my post, but what I was trying to say was that there were multiple reasons for Collin not winning and perhaps ONE of the reasons was his openness of his Christian beliefs. I don't begrudge Manzeil winning, but I think we can all acknowledge that Christian bashing is very real right now. let's just judge the guys on their football playing skills. let's not pick a favorite because of the conference they are in, or their personal beliefs or one game against a national favorite.

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Opinion: Pledge fuels cynicism about Congress

Good post and you bring up a good point on inflation adjusting.

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Opinion: Pledge fuels cynicism about Congress

Okay, first of all, I am not a hardcore right winger. really, I am not. I am, what I would call a fiscal conservative. I think that a person can be a fiscal conservative and be a democrat or a republican. I don't want the government in anyones bedroom. I don't want the government making decisions about anyones body either. So don't make assumptions please.

I would like to see the Republicans let Obama have his tax increases on families or individuals making a million or more. I would like to see closing some loopholes for families or individuals making over $250k, AND I would like to see some spending cuts. I am fine with some military cuts, as long as it is not pay cuts or benefit cuts for the brave men and women who serve our country. I would like to see Unions pay some taxes (as there are many that don't). See to me, this is compromise. What is not compromise is saying I want 800 billion in increased revenue, spending cuts of $2.50 for every dollar in increased revenue, and then when the republicans agree to 800 billion in increased revenue (but not thru increased tax rates, but rather, thru closing down deductions) Obama comes back with ONE POINT SIX TRILLION in increased revenue (and it can only come from increased tax rates), one dollar in spending cuts for every dollar in increased revenue AND a 500 Billion dollar stimulus. That is not compromise. Republicans are going to have to give in on increasing some tax rates, but someone that was truly wanting to reach across the aisle and work WITH the Republicans for the good of the country would try to give in a little bit too. Obama is not doing that. he wants to punish the Republicans and get them in hot water with their constituents that have mandated to them no tax increases. That is not a good leader, it is not compromise, and it makes it very clear that he is putting politics above the good of the country.

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