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Snow shuts down city for second time in a week

I can not express enough thanks to emergency workers who are on duty this morning. (fire, police, utility, snow removal)

After I called 911 for the downed tree and power line in my front yard, they were here within 5 minutes, the utility guy is up in a cherry picker right now in these horrible conditions.

I am inside my home, warm and cozy (with power!). These guys never get enough credit for how much they contribute to making sure the rest of us get to stay that way.

Thank you!!!

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Live coverage of Election Day 2012

There was a power outage this morning in my neighborhood (near Central Middle School). Does anyone know if this effected voting at the poll site?

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DJ Kool Ed - On the Patio! -- 06/14/12 at Replay Lounge

Ditto! Have him back--my friends and I had a blast!

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If you make just one change this year, what will it be?

Did anyone else just see this Jay Leno's "Headlines"?

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Brownback apologizes for overreacting to student's tweet

The school board meeting tonight was interesting...a parent asking for answers.

@ the 16 minute mark

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Hot doggin’ it: KU Christians grill food for late-night crowd

Hey, that was a really well shot interesting video. Thanks for sharing

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Lawrence school district, teachers move closer to work agreement for 2011-12

I'm pretty sure that *legally* there can not be any talks of classified pay at these certified negotiation meetings. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong). It was brought up by the teachers negotiations team at the last meeting (as a...'Hey, I know we can't negotiate for them, but what are your thoughts on this..) and then was squashed very quickly because the board simply could not talk about it in that setting.

I think there was some talk by the board of using parts of the 3 million or so the government is making the board spend on classified salaries (which would be wonderful, because the classified staff deserves raises big time, IMO).

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What is your favorite YouTube video?

My brothers and I always act this one out this time of year....drives our parents crazy :-)

It's Hot in Topeka

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