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City balks at plan to allow motorists to use credit cards for new downtown parking garage

It beats me why taxpayers have to pay to park in public owned garages or in the street parking when we already have either paid or will pay taxes to construct and maintain them.

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For sale by owner: Baldwin City school buildings

It is a shame that the Baldwin School District have deserted these old buildings. These buildings have been around now for 90+ years. They chose instead to build new buildings that will never pass the test of time. I wonder if they even considered overhauling these buildings.

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Retirement home residents sue Kobach over law requiring photo ID to vote

can you not use an expired drivers license?

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City commissioners now will consider 700 block of Vermont as home for downtown transit hub

Really is not a good spot since just north of that intersection Vermont is one-way going south which makes the intersection already VERY confusing to a lot of drivers and then to have a bus stop there as well will only make it more confusing.

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City to consider covering domestic partners as part of city's health insurance plan; commissioners now qualify for city coverage, thanks to Obamacare

Why does health insurance have to be tied to employers? Why can't any resident of the city (or county) be able have coverage under the cities (or county) plan? Why do we need health insurance exchanges when the cities have some of the best policies around?

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Spring storm leaves cloudy skies with cold, wet conditions

even if it does happen it wont stick.

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Editorial: Tax fairness

One million dollars in gross revenues is not that hard to obtain. This type of legislation would affect more than you think.

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Lawrence ranked second-worst-performing small metro area, according to new national economic index

Lawrence needs a mixture of all types of business since all humans do not have the same skill set. Just a fact.

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Editorial: Tax fairness

Oh My - look at how many companies will have to file sales tax returns in all 50 states. This will cost business a lot of money in software, etc and guess who gets to pay for it - the consumer!

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Gov. Brownback signs Kansas drug test law for aid recipients

The employee does NOT cover part of the burden for unemployemnt insurance.

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