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Ian Sotomayor, a bartender at Free State Brewery, looks over a 10 oz. glass of Full Kimono, an imper

The correct spelling is Sotomayor. Great pic though Rich!!!

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Man life-flighted after single-vehicle accident in North Lawrence

All you bloggers make me sick. You use this as some kind of lesson or as a chance to put your two cents in. This guy was real, he is my friend. Have some shred of decency and respect the man. Maybe he was at fault and maybe not but we all make mistakes and hopefully when yours catch up with you, there won't be some jerk blogging in talking about shame shame!! I hope my friend John comes out of this!

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Lawrence police seek 46-year-old man suspected in KU student's murder

wow and to think I have a piece of art by fito.... that is just terrible I have 3 daughters. my familys condolences to the victims family. someone is on the right track with checking his priors.

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Internet warning

Seems like someone else has been smoking the good stuff. What about being held responsible? Emotionally ill or not, you think this woman had nothing to do with that poor girl's suicide? This case is being made as an example for a reason.

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Two Last Call employees, one teen shot

Hats off to Asbestos and anyone else having the sense to realize this place has to go. When I moved to Lawrence about ten years ago I never heard of shots being fired out of downtown establishments. When there was a shooting at Langston's, that place got shut down. How many incidents have to occur before this club gots to go. Steffes is scum for trying to hide behind racism in this tired fight between him and the city. He knows clubs like Last Call are on the endangered species list because look at all of the trash that comes from out of town just to hang out in a place like this. If he wanted to continue his shotty business, he would try to enforce a dress code or set age limits like 25&up clubs in KC. The city isn't concerned with the Hip Hop(there is a difference) being played or the color of the patrons. They should outlaw the Rap Crap being played in there that attracts thugs with guns anyway.

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Last Call enters gray area as BYOB club

Oh wow this is not shocking news. Dennis has found a way around the law. Its only fitting since the only other establishment that allows such a thing is a trashy strip club!
When is he going to realize that his crowd he is catering to is in K.C. Or Topuka!!!! Oh sorry Topeka.

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Final course

Mr. Phill
You are truly the greatest! Best wishes on your retirement. My daughter had the best preschool experience there not to mention the no thank you policy is one I admire! Way to go Mr. Phill.

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Morrison resigns

Its people like you Marion who worry about the small Sh*t.
That is so stupid!

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Morrison resigns

First off defender I am the wife here under my husbands log in name. As far as I am concerned Morrison has broken no law!! His only crime should be for his wife to judge. He made a mistake personally not as ag. Lets talk about Kline and his stupid witch hunt to dig up the personal lives of us women.
Maybe he has something going on with his lady friend.

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Morrison resigns

Gosh people you don't have any dirt under your rugs at all do you.? So tired of people thinking that this type of crap is news whats really important is what our leaders accomplish.
So you tell Phill Kline your dirty secret how convenient.

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