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Names of driver and cyclist in Tuesday accident released

With only the driver's account of what happened, of course it is the cyclist's fault. The police are looking for witnesses to determine what actually happened. If anyone saw the accident happen PLEASE contact the Lawrence Police.
And IF you were NOT there and did NOT see it happen, please refrain from passing judgement and posting negative and inflamatory comments. A person and his family are hurting, be HUMAN and Compassionate. There is a time and place to get on your soap box and THIS IS NOT IT.

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Cyclist suffers critical injuries after being struck by SUV

To those of you who have expressed concern for Don, thank you. He is very banged up with many fractures but should recover. Yes, he is an avid cyclist and has been for many years. He is also compulsively safety conscious so if he did turn in front of a car that would be very out of character.

The police are looking for anyone who witnessed the accident so that they have more than JUST the driver's account of what happened. If anyone did see it happen please contact the Lawrence Police.

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