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Emergency officer: 'It never crossed my mind to activate the tornado warning sirens'

"Bob Newton, the overnight's duty officer for Douglas County Emergency Management, said, "it never crossed my mind to activate the tornado warning sirens last night."NEVER CROSSED HIS MIND! He should be removed ASAP , imo. When the National Weather Service calls for a tornado warning EMS should by God take it serious. Many people assume if they don't hear the siren then nothing is moving toward them. This is unforgivable.

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Army, Marines enlist more felons

"anxiousatheist (Anonymous) says: We've already used up the lowest quarter of our high school seniors? At least the felons are probably already good at murderin':"So right- and when will we put a stop to that? The recruiters go in and make promises to these kids they KNOW WILL never be kept. It should be illegal. When I worked in a certain school system I was simply astounded at the free reign recruiters were given. Talk about high pressure- lies-bullying!. They( recruiters) target the kids who are the most needy. I think it's great ex felons are given the chance to join - keeps them off the street , stp and allows them the opportunity to re establish credibility , have health insurance and 3 hots and a cot.

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Abuse report spurs day-care shutdown

rodentgirl says "This information is public record and that is why ljworld posted it. There are articles on wibw.com and cjonline.com. In the same articles, a daycare in Wichita also had its license revoked because a child died after being left alone strapped in a carseat. Would you prefer that that daycare provider's name and location not be printed either? I'm know this is a sensitive issue for a lot of people, but as a parent, I think we should have access to this information, and apparently so does KDHE. People would throw a fit if they withheld this information"

Regarding the home where the child died having been left strapped in a too small seat, alone in a bathroom? YEs, I believe posting the name of the care provider is appropriate.

In the case of the alleged abuse in the Lawrence home. No, I do NOT believe it was in the best interest to post this woman's name and address. I believe SRS should had ( and probably did) notify all parents who have their children cared for there to let them know it is closed until the investigation is complete- they do need to make other arrangements. I don't see the benefit of making the providers name AND address public at this time.

If this turns out to be something the child came to the daycare with - if the daycare provider is completely exonerated - there will still be those who only remember the initial article. Her recovery may never be complete.

IF it would turn our the other way, say the accident or negligence was the providers fault- THEN post an article with name and address. again, my opinion .

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Abuse report spurs day-care shutdown

I find it questionable that the persons name and address was posted in the article. This is an investigation, not a proven act of negligance. I do feel it's appropriate for the facility to be closed untill such time the allegation is proven or disproved. There is a case of a child dying (in today's paper) from neglect in the KC area. That home was licensed for 10 children also. We have to have checks and balances, safeguards in place. I beleive if you open your home to care for other peoples children, you need to expect inspections and you must take the childrens safety issues first.

However, until this is shown to have been neglect or intentional, innocent until proven guilty should apply. imho.

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McCain, Romney join forces

Can anyone be surprised? I would think not. Personaly I find the election year to have the most poor offering of choice I can ever recall. Jimmy Carter /Reagan was more interesting than what we have now.

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Woman still in hospital after spending 2 years living in bathroom

Good post consumer1.
The article raises, or should, many questions. At the very least perhaps bringing this to light will cause family members to 'intrude' and become proactive in helping a loved one get the help they need.

Yesterday I read where an elderly woman in the Kc area ( I beleive) was found lying in her own dried feces. How can that happen? I think people excuse themselves by saying they can't force an issue, or she's an adult..things like that. It's horrd.

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'If you want to be a sheriff : here's how you do it'

Gentle Giant is right. It's too bad all new genereration cops don't have mentors like this man. I consider it a privelage to have known this man for so many years. I have never seen him use his position to bully or belittle. I am so pleased to see him retire and still have the energy and desire to do 'the fun stuff'!

Good Job Roy! I know you will be missed on the job!

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Healthy eating habits for children

Having done it both ways, I completely empathise with the working parent when it comes to meal time, homework et al. You finish work, pick kids up from the sitter, run thru the grocery for 'a few things' hurry home and begin to prepare dinner with kids winding down and wanting your immediate attention. Many Moms are doing good just to GET a meal together. It takes practice and planning AND GOOD LUCK.

When my kids were little they would eat most of the spring picked veggies before they got them to the house- snow peas and asparagus, Italian beans. Not so much when cleaned and cooked. For one Salsa was the main 'vegetable' he'd eat for a couple of years.

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If they were going to add another president to Mount Rushmore, who do you think it should be?

Hilary R. Clinton - First female President of the United States of America! You go girl!

( Right thinker, Breathe! Breathe!) lol

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Schools hope to have bigger hand in hygiene

I read recently that overuse of these hand gels- as well as over use of antibiotics led to MRSA being so prevalent .

It makes sense, use it enough and the germs evolve into stronger germs.

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