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U.S. Attorney General Holder tells Brownback new gun law is unconstitutional

I admit confusion. What does Little Sammy Brownback think he is protecting Kansas from? What are the big bad feds supposed to be getting ready to do to we Kansans and our guns? I have not been keeping up it seems.

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Law enforcement agencies investigating property just east of Lawrence

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I do not know Scooter or his family super well, I am Randy's daughter. Your post was very well written! I know enough about them to know he deserves the support. I know that my dad has never spoken of him as anything less than the best friend any man can have.
Those involved in the production of Meth- even by means of turning a blind eye, are not the 'best friend a man can have' by any stretch of the imagination. They are no better than pond scum.

I doubt many here don't know what it's like to be cash poor , however the majority don't turn to manufacturing drugs that destroy lives.

However you want to spin it, Meth is a killer.Those who produce and sell it ( or allow it to produced) are killers.

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Furor over Obama speech typifies polarization

"Well Damn, my sarcasm went to waste then. , Thanks for the laugh tho, even at my own expense.

"porch_person (Anonymous) says…


I believe momfromlawrence was making a joke.

Obama's brothers are not known terrorists. I'm a known terrorist and Obama's brothers are never at the meetings and they never sign up for softball."

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Furor over Obama speech typifies polarization

momfromlawrence (Anonymous) says…
"As for the 2nd coming of Christ? I think he is the anti-Christ and a terrorist. After all, he has two brothers who are known terrorists."

Really? Would you mind sourcing that for me please?

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Charges filed against father, son in attempted murder case

On the news last night I thought I heard them say the woman is an assistant public defender . I was almost asleep. It seems the name Judy Davis was mentioned.

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Chickens and the city

cool (Anonymous) says: cool (Anonymous) says:chicken limit (one per legal resident - with zoning limit on rental properties etc).chicken tax ( $100 per year).chicken license & health care certificate ($25.00 per year).chicken deposit (if rental property).chicken adoption agreement (on file with peta/aspca)for proper treatment and penalties if not properly taken care of.chicken health care policy with a new state of kansas -single payer plan for chicken health care from above license fees.chicken legal defense fund license contribution ($100.00 per year per chicken for legal complaints).....................Free eggs and non lethal insect control - Priceless.

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Bravo bride

Why is this a story I wonder. It's very sad her Father had to miss his daughters wedding for commercial reasons. That had to hurt.Woudln't the alternative have been to have your wedding as planned and then- since it's TV and can be as pretend as you want! - Have the fake wedding so you can be in this stupid reality show?Some people just don't care about family it seems.

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Graduates again have ticket to ride at annual party

What selfish spoiled brats. Please- remove yourself from the possiblity of winning this car as to allow someone worthy to win. In 1973 I drove a 1958 ford fairlane 500 that smoked so badly I used bulk oil in it- and was glad to have it. Many other readers here did without a car right out of school. I am embarrssed BY and FOR you snot noses.

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Have you noticed any price inflation on the foods you buy?

5 LBS OF Yukon Gold Potatoes was 6.99 at Dillons last week. Most bread( I buy) is 3.50 a loaf.Milk is close to 5.00Yes. Prices are up . Not only does it cost WAY more to GET to the store, The gas increase has been passed thru to consumers also. We're screwed anyway you look at it.

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Haskell royalty must show skills

The requirements for Miss Haskell are nothing compared to the required skills for Miss Navajo. There they must be able to converse in Navajo, Kill and butcher a sheep, know their history as well as a couple other items. It's a tough competition. Meant to keep tradition and skills alive in their tribe. This ( Haskell) would be a cake-walk for them. Good luck to all

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