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ok, i was passing by the "moon bar" or whatever it was called this morning at am, and there were firetrucks etc there. What was that about? Would have been nice to see somthing listed...

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KU office remodeling tops $100K

Ya know, for professional grade equipment, that is not a bad cost at all. The radiator covers look great! F and O did a great job with those! Congrats Guys and Gals!

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As fall semester nears, KU, GTAs still at odds

Lets add this up...
12k for tuition
11k for living expenses...
wow, we are up to almost 30k...
That is 3x what I make working for the school 30hrs week. Plus, lets see... no health, no free tuition.... wow....
If you do not like it, QUIT SCHOOL! Or, go to another school, simple? thought so.

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GTAs try to rally support for their goals

Ok, lets add this up, 20 hours a week, for 9 months is 720 hours. With a base salary of lets say $11,000 that comes out to $15.27 per hour. I can honestly say, I also work for the university in a technical position overseeing several people as well as going to class full time with absolutly no tuition assistance. Doing this I make almost $5 less an hour. I have absolutly no feeling for these GTA's. In the real world, their job is to either make money for someone or create their own business. Not determine after their appointment as a GTA to say, "well ya know, with all these students (as was declared in my contract) I think I should break my contract and demand more money because I am a greedy, self-centered person that does not care about absolutely anything else."
Humm, sounds like most of the GTA's that I have had...
The professors are there making the money that they do because they already have earned their PH.D. etc. and have many years teaching in the classroom. Not to mention the fact that alot of them do research full-time along with teaching a few classes.
Be glad that you are one of the few that have a GTA position, if you dont like it, QUIT! If you dont like the wages, GO TO ANOTHER SCHOOL!
Life stinks, deal with it. Be thankful that you dont have to pay for school,(like the rest of us) receive a very nice paycheck and only have to do something 20 hours a week.

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Religion professor issues apology about e-mail

I wish he would have never appologized. That makes me feel like he is bowing to someone who believes that they are a god hiding behind some religion. Yes, I am catholic, and whoever is mad is bigoted and a jerk. Deal with the world, there are others out there ya know...

November 29, 2005 at 3:33 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

KU course creates furor in Topeka

First of all, has anyone ever heard of that little rule that this country was founded on, "Freedom of religion"? Its an amazing thing... Not only are we not supposed to force religion upon others, but others are not supposed to force their upon us. This course is a look into the realm that others see without crossing their own religion. I mean, really if you were Taoist, or believed in Buddha, what would be your stance? Is this real? This is not a Christian nation! If you believe that you are breaking one of your own deadly sins. Christians that held that belief in the past relentlessly murdered, stole, and conquered all the name of their god. That is murder, no matter how it is perceived through the goggles of religion.
This class mearly outlines a possible creation, since no one was actually there let alone knows. I went to KU for the freedom to study what I wanted, when I wanted, and to some extent how I wanted. If outsiders are trying to cause havoc on some religious class that in no way even pertains to them, they should look inside themselves and ask how would they view a course in Buddhism? Would they see this as mythology? The answer is definatly.

Who knows, maybe it will turn those who originally did not believe in Christ to Christians, yet on the other hand, maybe they will convert from Christianity...

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