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Opponents of drug testing for welfare benefits see it as hassling the poor; Brownback says it will help

If the goverment won't make it mandatory for random drug screens then they should give an extra benefit for people to volunteer to give a urine sample. Ex: a small bonus check at the end of the year for neg drug screens. or an extra $5 bucks a month... Then that narrows down the more suspicious people.

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New towing policy has addressed overcharging concerns, county official says

I have lived in multiple states from Maine to Florida to here in Kansas. $100-150 sounds about the average tow. ($1,000!! Now that's just taking advantage of people and I am glad that has been fixed) Let's take a minute to discuss the reasons to be towed: Parking violations, car broke down, accident, abandoned car... the list could go on. These examples all warrent a price tag to take care of. The time, proper insurance coverage to protect the tow truck, the car in tow, and the people who are being transported in the tow truck, mileage, and the car may have to stay with the tow company. If the car has to stay in their lot, I think that it should be covered in the $150 but I think they do charge per day on top of towing. $150 is a lot of money but its for a service, you can op out of being towed and pay the fine, but that goes to the goverment when it coulf go to a small business. You have a choice you decide.

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Brownback's PAC spends more than $51K in 3 months

So if I'm an A&TT member, the money that I thought went to my cell phone plan is actually going to help fund Brownback's campaign?! That's just great....SMH

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Clearer picture emerges of proposed recreation center

They should also include: 1) Rock clibing area 2) Boxing/ kick boxing area 3) Child care center (possibly could generate $$)
Ugly building, need to get another building designer!

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Victim seeks legislative help to strengthen Kansas anti-stalking law

I'm in favor of this BILL, I volunteer at a women's shelter and I know that this is long over due. Although a piece of paper isn't going to stop a bullet or a fist, it may lower the rate of stalking and I pray the rate of domestic abuse declines..

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New casino takes in $3.25 million in 8 days

$3.25 Million.... Well, I don't want to here any complaining of not being able to afford health insurance, morgages, taxes... Everyone who go to casinos and spend all that money clearly have money to waste, I bet their homes are in foreclosure too. 8 DAYS! people money lost to a game... priorities people...

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Are fathers more involved in daily family life today than when you were young?

I voted and my vote never showed up.. Yes, I've noticed that more fathers are stepping up to the "Mr. Mom" role. I'm not sure if it's because in the past years it was mostly men who lost the their jobs during the resession and are staying home with the kiddies, but whatever it is I think its great that fathers are more involved in their famlies lives. KUDOS!

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Little known about Kansas college student who was found safe

You can't ignore the fact that there are extremist in EVERY religion. "Gnome" maybe wrong about this case, but not completely wrong in general.

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Highway patrol trooper injured in rollover accident in Leavenworth County

Two sides to every story. hope the officer is ok, but police are just as reckless as the public when it comes to driving.

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In Lawrence, anti-bullying efforts depend on the school

Can we have cameras put in schools! It may help. In classrooms, bathrooms ect.. Not only for the kids but to protect the teachers from these bullies too. When I was in school I witnessed a petite female teacher punched in the back by a student. I was horrified for her. I really hope the school boards start taking this bullying/ hazing more seriously. What will it take, police in the schools handing out court dates?!

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