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Kansas science and math teachers easily recruited away

so much for the "wisdom of solomon"
A recent award winning teacher is in the classroom from
6:15-4:30, M-F actually working and then grades papers at night. This person is leaving the profession after a few short years due to the administration and stress from the work load. This person came to the profession(teaching) after a distinguished career in the private sector. SAD how little we appreciate teacher's efforts.

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New formula puts focus on graduation rates

brungardt can fix the problem by changing grades or lowering the passing grade for a class. He's done it before! This will lead to pressuring teachers to change grades. Give a passing grade just so they graduate.

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Union president wants Lawrence fire Chief Mark Bradford removed from internal and external investigations of firefighters

bradford is pushing for open enrollment for all addresses west of wakarusa.
wonder why only these people should get to choose their high school?

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Lawrence teachers make case for wage, benefit boost

fess up...how much do you make? how many hours? what are the job expectations? Which techer in your past pissed in your soup?

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Dividing lines

Which way should the diagnol be drawn? How about diagnolly from free state to LHS. Everyone on the southwest side goes to LHS. My guess is you don't like that, as those rich kids west of wakarusa would have to attend the ghetto school.

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Statehouse Live: Teacher retirements, reductions increase dramatically

consumer1 has not done the research. A teacher with 20+ years of teaching, with a master's degree, earns less than 49k in usd497

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KU coach Turner Gill would be wise to promote Vic Shealy and hire Clint Bowen

Wooing a Miss Kansas does not make someone a good football coach. Remember that Bowen was implicated in academic fraud while coaching at KU. Not necessarily the kind of person KU should be hiring right now. His ethic's should be seriously analyzed. Question: How much was Keegan paid to make this suggestion?

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Lack of composure in chippy game vs. Cal shows KU basketball team's immaturity

not sure what having a ponytail means...really didn't add anything to the article
maybe all the tats on some of ku's star players means something
the trade off for wins is allowing thug behavior...very sad

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Lawrence school board approves teacher contract

interesting that article does not state that high school teachers will be teaching an additional class, a 20% increase in students

They will now be teaching 6 of 7 class periods instead of the current 5 of 6. There is no cap on the number of students each teacher is responsible for on a daily basis.

If a teacher currently has an average of 25 kids in each of 5 classes they are responsible for 125 students. Under the proposed contract each teacher will be responsible for 25 students in each of 6 classes for a total of 150 students. This will hurt the core curriculum. Our schools are not meeting AYP as is. Hard to understand how this will help.

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Lions fall short: LHS fails to score on fourth-and-goal on 1-yard line

Below is a post about free state's team: when i read it, I thought it was about LHS. The staff at LHS fills special teams with kids they are afraid will quit the team while many of the hardest working kids watch from the sideline. The staff is running scared. I wonder why LHS has such a young staff. Is it possible that more experienced coaches won't work for LHS? There was a time when the staff at LHS was experienced and knowledgeable about the game. The staff is now made up of inexperienced yellers.

from "hailtooldku" about FS:
At any rate, this team has plenty of talent, they just don't have enough heart. This group, as a whole, was the laziest (sp?) group I have ever seen in pre-season and conditioning. I'd be chewing @ss if I was one of the players putting in the time and effort only to watch the lazy and undisciplined (though talented) players screw up, miss an assignment, etc. and still slide by the coaches because they have some skills.

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