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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

"Your son played for KU? He was number 65? I'm trying to remember him. Was he the one that used to pretend he was hurt all the time? He would lay on the field for awhile, and then limp off with assistance from the trainers? I used to always see him at the Wheel after the games."

woodenfleaeater - my son never laid on the field, never pretended to be hurt and was only helped off the field by trainers on two occasions (in two different years) - both times with season ending knee injuries. Sorry I don't know who you're talking about! And I mentioned his name already!

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

"This was a witch hunt pure and simple, and your son coming out probably just wants those knee replacments paid for by KU."

ksdivakat - for your information my son never said a word to anyone but his family about what Mangino did to him AND as far as "knee replacement paid for by KU" - the surgeries he had while playing for KU were billed to my insurance company first then KU. AND that's NOT why I am speaking my mind about this issue - I (nor he) wants anything from KU except the best. So I really take offense to your comment!

And yes I've seen a pro team practice - You don't know my son - so you can't say that he wouldn't have made it in the pros. I guess that's just your way of saying that NO KU player is pro material???? How sad!!

Be sad if you like - I don't care! My family is celebrating!!!

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

"Hey, here's an idea for all the whiney, cry baby, wah-wah players that complained about Mangino as a coach……transfer to another school. No one's making you stay at KU. If a player didn't like it here, and the way Mangino coaches, transfer. It's as easy as that."

Hilbilly Jim - if all the players that had a problem (that were not speaking out) transferred - you wouldn't have a football team - but I guess that would be okay with most people at KU - wouldn't it?

You have NO CLUE!!!!

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

My son was being scouted by the Pros while he was at KU and yes would be there now. But unfortunately both of his knees and shoulder were injured, or should I say destroyed (thanks to the lack of knee braces that KU failed to put on their offensive linemen). He has had a total of 5 knee surgeries, since his playing days at KU. He is 29 years old and is in dire need of double knee replacements - but is being denied by insurance because of his age! The players do give it their all and deserve a coach that treats them with respect. Just because Mangino was not the guy, doesn't mean they can't bring in a coach that CAN turn the Jayhawks into a winning program. And I can't wait for that day to happen!!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

For all you that LOVE Mangino, you obviously were NEVER the object of his abuse. Terry Allen had talent he just didn't know what to do with it - he was in over his head. You can't go from Division 2 to the Big XII and coach (or not coach) like he did and expect to win. My son played for the Jayhawks for Terry Allen and was there for Mangino's first year. It was a very, very frustrating tenure for him, but he loves KU (as I do), but the right decision was made with Mangino (resign or fired). KU would not have gotten any good recruits with him remaining as Head Coach. Me, as a parent, would not subject my child to that kind of abuse and I would definitely be pointing him another direction.
Alot of people say "tough discipline" is required because this is a rough sport - I do not disagree - but a player needs to know that their coach has their back (and verbal/mental/physical abuse is not the route to go) - otherwise, it doesn't work - all part of teamwork.
I'm ecstatic today - I am celebrating with and for my son (whom as I posted yesterday - endured Mangino's verbal/mental abuse within his first month at KU)!!!


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Ex-player accuses Mangino of mistreatment

I saw his verbal (mental) abuse, first hand, his first year at KU. My son endured being called a quitter and loser because he was rehabbing an injury and COULD NOT participate in drills, as he insisted. The trainer, Carol (at the time) and his dr had him on a strict physical therapy regimen, but Mangino chose to overlook their orders and require him to participate in activity that he was physically unable to do. My son gave everything for KU and I have not been able to root for this football team since Mangino treated him this way. I'm proud of the players that are speaking out - hard work, discipline and teamwork go hand in hand in all sports - but abuse (mental or physical) is unexcuseable. I am waiting for the day when the headlines read "Mangino is gone" - that way I can again cheer for the team that my son gave his blood, sweat and tears to.

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