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Lawrence woman helps make dream weddings a reality on low budget

I was always raised to be conscious of living within my means.

My best friend spent $17,000 on her wedding, and I know that, 5 years later, they are still paying off the debt.

When my husband and I got married, we went to the courthouse and had the judge do it. Our witnesses were my in laws. We went to dinner afterward, then went to see a movie and got a hotel room for the night.

A year later, we had a proper bash for all the family and friends that could not attend the actual ceremony.

We had a nice meal for our close family (which my parents covered)

We had a blessing in a church (for a donation)

We hired the hall at the bar my husband worked in (free)

We made a playlist of our favorite celebration music and played it through my dad's PA system for the reception/ party (free)

We made all the food for the rest of the guests ourselves (cost of ingredients)

I bought a simple white dress ($100)

My husband hired an outfit ($60)

I bought a small bouquet for myself and my maid of honor ($60)

We designed, printed and cut our own invitations (way less expensive)

We're not super cheap - we just really wanted our wedding to be small and fun and a celebration of our time together. I've never regretted not having a giant ridiculous wedding, it just isn't that important. Though I know that I am in the minority on this one....

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Disease blamed for rise in number of dead deer

Hunting is sick and disgusting.

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County bans fireworks on public land

Food is a necessity, cars are not

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Sound Off: On streets with marked bike lanes (e.g. 15th, 19th) is it legal for two bicyclists to rid

I've been wondering about the markings on Conn. Street too. They don't make any sense at all. Even if they wanted to indicate that that street is suitable for cyclists, it still doesn't make sense. It's a busy, narrow street! Why not mark one of the other streets that are east of Conn. for the cyclists?

I am a cyclist and a driver and I avoid Conn. like the plague knowing that the road is too narrow to pass safely.

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Sound off: Can you tell us what the safest and the lawful use of a roundabout is for bicyclists and

If people even knew how to work a roundabout while driving a car, things would be a whole lot easier. Yield to any vehicles coming from your left, regardless of whether they are car, bike, moped etc. I don't know how many times people have just sped right in when I am right at their road. Roundabouts are a great idea to keep traffic flowing, but most drivers don't seem to know how to operate one.

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KU student arrested for having gun in a scholarship hall

Well it's really pretty stupid to found a country that allows guns and dumb people to live under one roof.

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Johnson County authorities find body of missing man in abandoned refrigerator in De Soto

I guess we can guarantee that there's one fridge in the world whose contents look worse than those at Taco Bell. Close, but still marginally worse.

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Knology sold to Denver area company for more than $750 million

Any word on what will happen with Freestate Studios? I hope they will stay open....lots of jobs there...

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Sex offender escapes from state prison in Lansing

Convicted on a 6-25 year sentence in 1985.

2012-1985 = 27

Why the extra time?

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Brownback allies thwart pleas from advocates for those with developmental disabilities to stay out of KanCare

His kids are adopted, so he probably made sure he didn't get one with developmental disabilities. Can't have those in his household!

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