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KU Student Senate to lobby for renters

Everyone here has a valid point. And there are several sides to every story. I have lived in numerous apartments, not only in Kansas, but in California and Colorado too, and more money than you think should be, is always taken out of the deposit. However, I have also worked within the apartment renting business, and have seen first hand what it takes to get aparmtents ready for new move ins. If it is not perfect, the new tenants come in and complain. I walked into an apartment a few years ago to do the final inspection upon move out, and found black carpets, which were brand new a year before that, busted down interior doors, holes in the wall and a window missing. Naturally, they were charged for it all, and it wasn't cheap. And they still fought what we charged them. It took days to get that apartment ready for new move in. After fighting us and taking us to court, they were ordered to pay us back. We won the case, but it still cost us hundreds of dollars in lawyer fees. Just be a smart renter, take pictures on move-in day and move-out day, and please make sure you understand all of the lease. Be informed. Don't cry after wards when you made no attempt to understand that lease inside and out.

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