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K-10 panel to recommend higher fines, tougher enforcement

Well, I didn't realize they formed a committee. That should get things squared away in short order. If there's one thing history has taught us it is this - if you want to get something done your best bet is to form a committee. And make sure it is co-chaired by two government officials with different agendas.

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Song Blog: A Simple Question. What?

Who Can it Be Now - Men at Work.

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If you could have any magical power, what would it be?

The ability to make a long distance phone call for only 99 cents.

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Police arrest 20-year-old Lawrence man on sex crime charges

"Officers made contact with the suspect and later arrested him. No injures were reported, and the investigation was continuing, Sarna said."

Don't you mean "injuries" and not "injures"?

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Douglas County man sentenced to probation for his role in cockfighting operation near Eudora

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Are You A Libertarian Zombie?

Are you Irish?

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Airstrike motives

Quagmire? Giggity.

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Did you ever play an instrument in school?

I wish someone would just say it...

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Kansas House committee wants Board of Regents to study benefits of privatizing many functions at state universities

Maybe if Holiday Inn Express ran the dorms students would get better grades.

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