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Officer saves choking student

great job! warms my heart to hear a good story instead of a tragedy with the headline of student chokes to death

breathe a little deeper today and enjoy life!

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Coping with tragedy

CRY and let it out when you need to, someday the sun will shine again and you'll realize that you have gotten past this, maybe not over it, but past it as life goes on.

we can hold them in our hearts forever, but in our hands, only for a little while

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Judge: Molestation confession can be used in court

I don't have to like her though, and I think she's despicable

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Judge: Molestation confession can be used in court

boy that Swain woman seems to take the cases nobody else wants

he confessed-and of course he's entitled to defense but what defense is there in this case?

it's just like the Neighbors' saying they don't have anything to do with illegal drugs, don't sell them, don't possess them, don't use them-and then they get caught with pot plants in their house

things that make you go hmmmmmm

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2 dead, 3 missing in fire

Mr. Glover was the groundskeeper outside my building at KU, I remember seeing him just this summer riding a Gator around, checking sprinklers and other stuff. He always had a friendly smile and a wave for you first thing in the morning.
I did not know him other than that but I am sorry for the loss of him and his family.
Lawrence does care about you all!

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KBI gets DNA grant

oh crap

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Downtown changing holiday decorations

I LOVE the lights in the trees MUCH MORE than the lights lining the tops of the buildings, there's just something about it! Even the blue lights by Tellers are awesome!

LOL Classclown-funny!

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Longtime clothier is mourned

my condolences

what a legacy! not enough like this man in this old hard world anymore!

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Wedding album among items left behind in rental units

the woman is me

I know you don't remember me but I swear I have our signed contract that you would support me, rub my feet every day, cook for me, be everything I wanted in bed, clean, raise the kids, feed the dogs, paint my picket fence white, and some other unmentionable stuff

you're a few years behind!


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