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KU faculty, students taking part in research involving Higgs boson at CERN laboratory in Switzerland

If you're calling the LHC useless, you're clearly too naive, too religious, or not informed enough on what this contraption has discovered.

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Neighbors are upset over plans for more apartments along Clinton Parkway

Quit having so many damn kids and we wouldn't need so many damn apartments.

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Evolution Implies Intelligent Design


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Robbery reported at Central National Bank on 9th Street in Lawrence


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Man accused of inappropriately touching woman, punching employee at The Hawk

Hawk is 21 to enter. The Crossing was 18 to enter, "21" to drink. RIP

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A look inside Sankey Rodeo School in Rose Hill

Also, do not read the school name if you are dyslexic.

June 16, 2011 at 3:53 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

A look inside Sankey Rodeo School in Rose Hill

While bull riding is a cool fringe-sport (thanks to my favorite cowboy, Chad Ochocinco), perhaps better than praying for your safety is to not strap yourself to a rocket-fueled bull with its goods tied into a knot.

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