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Fearful mothers discuss abortion decisions

Another thing, how exactly is a board certified doctor who performs surgery according to proper medical standards a quack? Wouldn't a quack fail to end the pregnancy? If you freepers want to get law enforcement involved, why not take a look at Bushco? They've broken thousands of more laws than Tiller is alleged to have broken. I guess justice is a cherry picking contest you you crazies.

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Fearful mothers discuss abortion decisions

Parkay,How is a witch hunt against a Board-Certified Doctor that provides a needed and important service protecting mothers? If a woman wants or needs and abortion, then end of story. You have NO say in what they may do with their body. What next? Forced prevention of premarital sex? It's time you puritan freepers got out of the 17th century and into the 21st. If you can tell me what you remember as a fetus, then maybe, just maybe I may change my tune. Otherwise, move on with your lives. You've lost this silly battle.

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Should United States leaders follow Britain and Germany's lead and boycott the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Beijing?

Oh.... poor athletes... their plight completely surpasses the plight of the many millions of oppressed and depraved Chinese, Tibetan, Mongolian, and other ethnic people in China. We have a moral obligation to protest as forcefully against China. We need to make it the worst, most disrupted Global event in history.

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End game in Iraq still not in sight

balikbalik,classic freeper play. Deflect criticism of the rationale for the war, and project it onto the predecessor. Man, do you realize how stereotypical you are? Maybe if you stopped your blood feud with the Muslim world for a minute, you'd realize that the reason the "terrorists" hate us is because WE ARE IN THEIR LAND. Stupid freeper.

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Torture OK came from the top

balikbalik,How in the hell is waterboarding not torture? How is making someone believe they are being murdered (and sometimes actuall dying) not torture? EVERY person must be afforded the same basic human rights, irregardless of nationality, religion, or race. We must not allow ourselves to become vile and evil people (for information that is not even valid). How can you possiby justify the illegal kangaroos courts we have set up to convict "terrorists". Most of the "terrorists" we have in custody were rounded up for no reason or brought in by bounty hunters eager for money. WE caused radical islam in the Middle East by continually interfering in their affairs. We had NO right to invade Iraq. Stupid freeper.

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Choice should be informed

offtotheright,It's none of your damn business what someone does with their own body. A person's body is their temple, and they alone should be allowed to make decisions for their body. Gutsy article! I'm a bit surprised there haven't been more freepers on here.

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The last laugh

Self and the Jayhawks need to wait till next Jan to go to the White House, that way they can meet President Obama.

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Deputies in Taser death placed on leave with pay

This is murder, plain and simple. A person has the legal right to refuse medical service, and forcing a person to receive medical service is complete BS. Put the cops involved on trial.

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Kennedys evoke bygone era, comparing Obama to JFK

Are you freaking crazy? So it is the Dems fault that we were lied into a false war that has only gotten companies like Halliburton and Blackwater rich while killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis? It is the Dems fault for the crappy state of our economy? It is the Dems fault that the government illegally spied on American citizens? STFU and just listen to yourself for once.

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How will you spend 600 bucks?

Did anybody but me notice that r_t is the Bill Orally of the ljw forums? He seems content on spouting out radical half-truths and complete fallacys because he is obsessed with the attention he gets from being constantly derided by his fellow forum goers. thanks, r_t, but n/t .

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