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Democratic race for secretary of state race still undetermined

I like David Haley. Although I don't agree with all of his views, he's a smart, articulate, personable guy.

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Minimum wage showdown pits rich against poor

"Minimum wage showdown pits rich against poor"

Did and Hillary Clinton, teamed with Hugo Chavez, write this headline?

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Cuba conditions

Very nice letter, Mr. Armstrong.

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Medicaid return

This author's reasoning is flawed. Her argument is that if taxpayers don't foot the bill for health care then taxpayers will have to foot the bill for health care.

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Brownback: No legal fees to challenge religion in public square

What else would you expect from the ACLU? They're disgusting.

The ACLU is the same group that defends NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association.

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Lasting wisdom

Pilgrim, you need to run for City Commission.

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Eyes of nation on today's Kansas school board elections

Once again, no one in America is ever a liberal. Their either nutty conservatives or cool, collected, even-minded moderates.

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Questions arise on sales tax proposal

When Dukkakis proposed tax increases during the '88 election, he got creamed. I hope the PLC liberals fight for one prior to the '07 election.

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Kansas House candidates prepare for primary

"They are now targeting moderates who supported higher taxes"

Although the journalist calls these individuals "moderates" the more accurate label is "liberals."

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Departing commander reflects on Fort Riley's future

A big thank you to Congressman Jim Ryun for working tirelessly to save Ft. Riley from BRAC (Base Realignment And Closure).

Not only is Ft. Riley staying, but the Big Red One is coming back to Kansas. More jobs, more schools, more homes. Way to go Congressman Ryun!

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