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Middle schooler incentivizes good deeds

The give- to- get philosophy often becomes offensively self-serving. Too bad it's being introduced at the middle-school level. Kindness is in the the eye of the beholder and has to be based on mutual respect and understanding. I despise the type of lower Midwesterners who go around with the attitude" Just trying to be nice" or "Just trying to help." Obviously, they are not succeeding. Good intentions too often lead right to hell if they are clueless/ mindless, which describes many folks in KS-- at least the rude ones who mess with other people. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Most Kansans are giving themselves much too much credit for their own competence and kindness when they aggressively approach complete strangers. They are terrorists, not helpers. It's the stuff of agoraphobia( fear of being in open spaces) to have to deal with such frightening ignorance on a regular basis. Kindly back off, and mind your p's and q's.

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Ex-officer awaits grievance process resolution

Due process provides an important key to a fair workplace and to democracy itself. Grievance processes play a core role here, and when used correctly they can lead to win-win situations. Clearly the city is ahead of KU on this score. KU ( the incompetent HR and dishonest university counsel) would seemingly much rather vindictively try to frame someone merely asking them to follow the law with a false crime than think twice about issues like wrongful termination, civil rights issues, and giving someone access to a fair grievance process.

Thanks to my efforts and the unspeakable suffering and injustices I underwent in Lawrence KU had to rewrite part of their unfair discrimination complaint and grievance procedures, but with the current crooked HR leadership and university counsel I seriously doubt anything has improved. It's pathetic that supposed professional staff in places like KS and MO would uphold the ingrained culture of street harassment that exists in the backwoods and cruelly blame the victims of this bullying and unwanted intrusion for standing up for themselves. People deserve to feel safe on the streets. No one should be forced to avoid public space due to the loads of aggressive, politically unaware bigots who have all been trained to enact the same ignorant,intrusive script that singles out some people for different treatment and special harassment in public.

I guess ticket-fixing is even more criminal, but at least victims are getting left holding the bag and having their lives ruined.

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Police chief: Help needed to fight financial crime

Potential Lawrence retirees: Do you like rampant ageism? Do you like complete strangers judging you and aggressively messing with you on the basis of offensive stereotypes? Do you like unsophisticated neighbors who are blind to your true beauty and talents , but who remain prideful givers who make a public drama of "helping"? Do you like officious, patronizing, insincere southern manners, and especially southern justice--where true criminals are free abuse the legal system( with no checks and balances by the DAs or cops) to blame victims and hide their own despicable crimes? Welcome to Lawrence, your retirement haven.

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Research group says Brownback's business tax cut will produce problems

Posters are doing an unusually strong job of staying on-topic, so I'll break set by commenting that "I see some problems with it" were the same words I heard from the Department of Education when I complained about KU's poor excuse for grievance procedures. Hardly the most cutting-edge state one could ever hope to live and work in! One happy Dorothy is writing this comment-- glad to escape this intellectually barren ( no heart, no brains, no courage) place half alive!

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Police complaint case summaries provide scant detail

It likely is not completely an accident that it's mainly the ungrammarly who think the way LarryNative does--maybe why the government prefers an unlettered citizenry.

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Authorities who abuse power in handling discipline issues are the true, par excellence bullies. Too often schools and employers dole out harsh punishments before they even fully evaluate facts-- so unjust to brutalize innocent parties the way the stand-up KU HR people are famous for. Considering it's human to err, it's best be respond in an even-handed manner that includes due process.

It's especially despicable when authorities knowingly blame the victims to cover up their own wrongdoings. It certainly doesn't build respect for the integrity and good judgment of those in charge. All it does is to make those used to more civilized conduct ask, "What's the matter with Kansas"?

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Americans link race and criminality

Mr. Pitts is largely correct, but I believe in coalitions. Other suspect classes exist besides African Americans. Of course as former slaves, blacks have been especially mistreated.Law enforcement and residents of white supremacist, homogeneous communities are like the characters in Jackson's "The Lottery" when it comes to singling out their fellow human beings for stoning.

Only profiling isn't random. I find those who kiss to kill especially monstrous. Some folks are so clueless and misguided they regard their self-serving definitions of helpfulness as the soul of godliness and neighborliness--- when in truth, they are actually committing terrible harms and singling out their fellows on a discriminatory basis, not making any positive contributions. Don't try to make my day by grabbing the mail out of my hands to post it in the blue-domed box. That expresses your wish for gratitude not any need of mine. I respect those who honor boundaries and independence. Messing with mail that doesn't belong to you is a federal offense.

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Appeals court says Lawrence officer violated Fourth Amendment in DUI case

Just like the cop and judge in this story many people in this part of the country really seem to have a real problem seeing boundaries and respecting them. It leads to presumptuousness and disrespect--- even harassment and lawlessness-- beyond words. Presumptuous people just don't know how and when to mind their own business or when to stop. They go too far. So glad to be done with Kansas and to escape this crazy place half alive. For example I had a delivery guy recently who just grabbed my screen door right out of my hands to adjust it to remain open. Didn't bother to ask. I had not and would never approve his action.

Or the stinking LMH imaging tech who followed me into the women's room-- listen, blind miss, I'd far rather carry my own bags than put up with such presumptuous, patronizing crap! Yuck and double yuck! Stupid people who damage and disrespect others yet blindly assume they are being so helpful are the norm in Douglas County. Get a clue and keep your distance, folks, please. Ignorance is frightening. Don't wish it up in my face. Don't enjoy being screwed with. Stop messing with other people's belongings and persons in such an inconsiderate, inappropriate, and intrusive way.

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Appeals court says Lawrence officer violated Fourth Amendment in DUI case

Doesn't Charles Branson just come off as a grandstander? Who can respect law enforcement
( including DAs) who do not revere and uphold the constitution above all else and thus hold themselves accountable to it? I pity anyone who has the misfortune of a scrape with the lawless crowd of movers and shakers who run Lawrence--even someone with a sad pattern of DUI's like the clown in this article. No one likes liars , especially when they are calling the shots."Just doing her job" is an incredibly poor excuse for the abuse of power. It's used way too often by people who prefer not to engage their brains before opening their mouths.

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