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City mulls ways to fund new police facility

My opinion of Lawrence and its questionably competent and honest law enforcement personnel: love your crooked neighbors with your crooked heart.


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Student conduct review team assesses behavior, resolves issues

* take a perverse joy In

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Student conduct review team assesses behavior, resolves issues

Confidentiality plays big part in the ADA and laws that protect the rights of those who tend to get so mindlessly abused by the hundreds of local hicks who take a perverse jo in y offensively treating them as disabled and second-class citizens. Uninformed KU clowns like Frank DeSalvo seem to have big problems recognizing and honoring civil rights laws.

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Student conduct review team assesses behavior, resolves issues

Trust the upstanding KU police to ignore search and seizure laws and strongarm their way into someone's apartment like Captain Sculyer says they will!! Great respect for privacy and the constitution. The 4th amendment does exist and is one of the few sane ways to keep the unwelcome street harassers of Lawrence out of one's presence.

KU people like Frank DeSalvo need to realize the role of self-identification in treating people as if they have a disability. It's actually illegal to treat people differently , and in more civilized states they don't. Helping first and foremost means respecting equal rights. Predators who offensively bother strangers they perceive to have physical limitations need a lot of help with their challenged brains!! Arrest these f-tards right away!!

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Student conduct review team assesses behavior, resolves issues

Somebody stood up to the street harassers who 24/7 make thinking people dread the sidewalks of Lawrence? Call the student conduct team for sure!! Definitely, be a liar like so many KU cops seem to be and refuse to record allegations against the true criminals-- the ones who grab strangers and their belongings and offend them by approaching/ spouting off their mouths for bigoted reasons. Be the true bad faith Jayhawk you are! Lawrence is the absolute capital of hate!

It's a problem backwoods Kansans are raised up to mess with and aggress against strangers for discriminatory reasons! A bunch of sidewalk terrorists who give themselves way too much credit if they actually think they have the necessary smarts to help. First do no harm!! Ignorance frightens thinking people!! No one wants a stranger to carry their bags!! Please don't act so presumptuously . It's imperialistic. Trust me on that.

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Student conduct review team assesses behavior, resolves issues

* They are dishonest and show really poor judgment.

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Saga continues

Police officers follow a code of silence. It's hardly because they are such heroic, upstanding people who want to protect and serve their fellow citizens either. They intimately understand the criminal mind; in fact, the only thing that separates them from those they arrest is a badge and a uniform. The state hires them to do its criminal dirty work. For example, the conflict-of-interest KU cops take the cake for being in the back pocket of the General Counsel and Hack HR personnel up on that notorious hill where I lost my last scrap of faith in humanity. I've never witnessed such a poor excuse for professional, good-faith conduct in my life. I was the object of despicable HR crimes, and yet that dishonest Zeke lied about even taking down the report. It was never even logged.Talk about whitewashers!

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Fired officer suing city

The conflict-of-interest authorities of Lawrence are beyond crooked, always pointing dishonest fingers of blame to deflect the responsibility from where it belongs --squarely on their own shoulders. The mob rule of 24/7 street harassment in Douglas totally sucks too: backwoods bumpkins have been trained up to aggress on and terrorize complete strangers-- with zero recognition of boundaries, privacy, or others' sacred human dignity. If that's the only way you know to treat others with respect and dignity, kindly count me out. You give yourself way too much credit if you are think you can or are helping. More like it, you are bedeviling others with unwelcome bullying and discrimination. Reminds me of the psychology of attached photo.


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Judge overrules municipal court finding that Lawrence sidewalk ordinance is unconstitutionally vague

I sure wish backwoods people would stop training up their kids to approach complete strangers with that mindless,"Need help?" come on. I was terrorized by such people in Lawrence to the point that leaving the house became an ordeal. Such aggressive behavior is unsafe for all parties involved. Freedom of movement is a constitutional right too.

I now have PTSD thanks to the southern-justice BS I was subjected to by the dishonest KU HR for standing up to this crap. Those liars will even stoop to inventing witnesses and they have the school cops and county DA's in their back pocket. Plus, they do not bother following required internal due process grievance procedures. KU is by far the most sub-standard and uncaring(not to mention not overly bright) environment I've ever had to deal with.

It's wrong to approach strangers for discriminatory reasons. It interferes with people's equal right to privacy and to enjoy public space. Assume strangers want nothing to do with your challenged brains and incompetent definitions of "help" and you'll probably be right. Everyone has the right to dismiss that which insults their souls.

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Search to hire new internal audit director to begin in fall

KU certainly has a record of the foxes guarding the hen house. The HR People form one egregious example, and apparently the auditing office mentioned here are in on the conflict-of-interest collusion too.

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