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Drawing the lines

It looks like the US Supreme Court ruled that gerrymandering is legal unless it hurts an ethnic minority.

From wiki:
"In a decision on June 28, 2006, the United States Supreme Court upheld most of a Texas congressional map engineered in 2003 by former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.[47] The 7–2 decision allows state legislatures to redraw and gerrymander districts as often as they like (not just after the decennial census). Thus they may work to protect their political parties' standing and number of seats, so long as they do not harm racial and ethnic minority groups. A 5–4 majority declared one Congressional district unconstitutional in the case because of harm to an ethnic minority."

Well, perhaps I need to start a group to educate the public about raise public and media pressure on the redistricting committee. I hope this message is forwarded to the committee, so they know what is coming. Gerrymandering unfairly cancels out the vote of Democrats in the state.

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Drawing the lines

Here I am raising hell. And I intend to do a lot more than post this comment. I am going to learn what constitutes illegal gerrymandering and see if we can't get the feds to intervene if they split Lawrence again. It is absurd that they split Lawrence between two districts simply to dilute the influence of the Democrats living there. That is gerrymandering if anything ever was.

From USLegal:
"Gerrymander means to create an artificial civil division within a particular locale for an improper purpose. It refers to the drawing of boundaries of legislative districts to benefit one party or group and handicap another. Gerrymandering seeks to violate the constitutional mandate of "one man-one vote" by created legislative districts of unequal populations. Gerrymandering seeks to draw legislative districts that isolate member of a particular political party so that a maximum number of elected representatives of that party will be elected."

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Do you think Hillary Clinton can still win the Democratic nomination now that she has won in Pennsylvania?

If we are talking about sheer possibility, then yeah, Hillary could win if the superdelegates turn out for her. But, when we look at probability, then no, Hillary does not have much of a chance at all.I am an Obama supporter. His talk isn't empty nor is his promise of change nebulous. That is how some people want to paint him, but I challenge anyone who believes that he has not been specific to take a good hard look at his website in which he spells out his proposals.Hillary and Barack are not that different on policy proposals. The difference is I believe he can get the policies passed through Congress through bi-partisan agreement. I think it will be much more difficult for Hillary to do the same, especially if and when Republicans control either the House or Senate. What good is a bunch of good policy proposals if they never get made into law?I do trust Barack more on foreign policy. I look forward to the day when we have a woman president, but Hillary is not the right one. Heck, I'd take Governor Sebilius over Hillary anyday.

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Do you think universities should prohibit all peer-to-peer file sharing to stop illegal downloading?

No, not all peer-to-peer file sharing involves protected files. However, the universities might want to charge individual students extra for the excessive bandwidth usage if they are continually downloading massive files.

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What are your predictions for the Kansas University-Iowa State football game?

I hope that we won't fall into that trap of looking past our current opponent to focus on next week's opponent. Because if we do, we may very well lose.

But, if our players keep their heads in today's game, which I think they will, then they should win.

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Do you think there is any skill involved in playing rock, paper, scissors?

Yeah, I think there is skill involved in reading other people.

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What superstitions or rituals do you have for Kansas University games?

My wife and I will listen to the game together on 105.9, regardless of whether we are also watching it on tv or not. We just like the radio announcers better than the tv ones.
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Should the Jayhawk football team be No. 1 in the rankings?

KU Football is ranked right where it should be. We have had a soft schedule up to this point, but we have been performing and executing well.
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Do you have trouble sleeping if the temperature is too warm?

I have trouble sleeping if it is too hot, but I usually turn on the ceiling fan to cool off and then I can fall asleep just fine.

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Do you think home schooling is a good option?

Like so many things, sometimes homeschooling is done very well and sometimes it is done quite poorly. The same goes for public or private education.

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